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What’s Next?

Sometimes trying to think up what to write on a blog is daunting. You’d think a writer wouldn’t have a bit of trouble coming up with something. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy.

This week has been filled with the piddly things that take away from what I’d really like to be doing–working on my own novel, of course.

Instead I’ve made trips to the bank–twice for the church. No I’m not the treasurer, nobody in my right mind would let me take care of figuring out the church’s finances–but I am the church clerk which means I’m the second signer on all the checks. Ever so often, the treasurer has me sign about a hundred checks so they’d be ready when she pays the bills. While I’m doing that, I’ve often thought how marvelous it would be if I were autographing my books instead.

Having said what I did about the church finances, I also must admit to finishing with my income taxes. Yes, I do them myself. These wonderful program to do your taxes on the computer have made it almost like a game. (I did say almost.) My biggest problem with math has always been adding (even with a calculator), but the computer takes care of all that.

I’ve also been to the grocery store, done the laundry, written a newsletter I get paid to do, attended a meeting, got my hair cut, done some promotion on the Internet, read a zillion emails (almost an addiction), and started packing for Epicon. Yeah! I can hardly wait.

Oh yes, I’m also busy with a ghost writing project that’s taking a lot of time. Not really something I would write on my own, but rather fascinating just the same. And yes, I do get paid for doing it–actually much more of a sure thing than what comes in from my own writing.

And by the way, the virtual book tour I’ve been on has paid off–at least the Amazon numbers for Smell of Death are far lower than any of the rest of my books, except for Deadly Omen which continues to do well.

So, now that I’ve bored you with what a mystery writer does when she’s not working on her own mystery, I’ll sign off until next week.


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First Review for Smell of Death

Every author sends out books for reviews with a bit of terror going along with it. Will the reviewer like the book? Will he or she read it all the way through? When the review is written will it be good or trash the book? After all, every reviewer is different, having varied likes and dislikes. Some reviews are adequate, others mean-spirited, and occasionally a reviewer will give away the ending of a book.

Once in awhile, an author receives a review that catches the total spirit of his or her book. The following review is exactly that kind of review. My spirit soared when I read it.

“Full of suspense, realistic, and sprinkled with a light touch of romance, Smell of Death by F.M. Meredith is a sure hit for crime fiction fans.

The latest in Meredith’s Rocky Bluff P.D. series, finds Officer Stacey Wilbur called to the home of Darlene Brantley. Upon entering the home, Wilbur finds Brantley dead, and in a strange twist of events, Brantley’s mother is also found murdered on the same night in her own home. While Wilbur assists Detective Doug Milligan in solving these crimes, other members of Rocky Bluff P.D. are on the lookout for the Barefoot Burglars and engage in a search for a missing toddler, hoping to catch the person responsible before another child disappears.

F.M. Meredith is the pseudonym for Marilyn Meredith, who writes the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series. I read the newest book in the Deputy Temp Crabtree series, so I was already familiar with Meredith’s work before reviewing this title. Smell of Death certainly lived up to what I expected.

Meredith’s experience with crime fiction shines through with this latest novel, as multiple cases plague the members of Rocky Bluff P.D. And while they are working hard to solve these crimes, they are also working on their personal lives. This gives a realistic and complete picture of the people of Rocky Bluff P.D. Stacey Wilbur is a strong and intelligent protagonist who juggles her career and single motherhood, all the while wondering if she should break her long-standing rule of not dating members of Rocky Bluff P.D. when she and Doug Milligan begin working more closely to solve the Brantley murder. This book does an excellent job of showing, through well-defined characters, the impact that life on the police force has on its members and their families. The touch of romance between Stacey and Doug is just the right thing to lighten up some of the heavy stuff going on in this book.

Smell of Death by F.M. Meredith is an engaging, well-written, and gripping page turner, that will leave you hungry for the next book in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.” –The Book Connection

The book is available on my website: http://fictionforyou.com and from Amazon or if you’d like to read it in ebook form go to http://www.tigresspress.com



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On a Virtual Book Tour and Other Stuff

Today, my stop on this virtual book tour for Smell of Death the latest in my Rocky Bluff P.D. series is: http://rebecca2007.wordpress.com (interview)
If you’re interested, until I return, the next days are as follows:

Feb 7 http://www.inspiredauthor.com (interview)

Feb 8 http://z15.invisionfree.com/StoryCrafters/ (forum Q & A)

Feb 11 http://storycrafters.blogspot.com/ (guest post)

Feb 12 http://www.j-kaye-book-blog.blogspot.com/ (review)

Feb 13 http://www.thewriterslife.blogspot.com (interview) and http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dennisngriffin (podcast)

Feb 14 http://theplotline.wordpress.com/

Feb 15 http://theplotline.wordpress.com/

Feb 18 http://acmeauthorslink.blogspot.com/ (guest post)

Feb 19 http://thebookconnectionccm.blogspot.com

I just returned from Chicago and Love is Murder. What great fun–and it snowed! Being from California, I loved it. So beautiful. Of course it caused all sorts of problems, planes delayed, authors unable to get to the conference in time for their panels, and so on. I was on two panels and attended many. I learned many things including how to make curry and commit the perfect murder. (Two separate panels.)

Best of all, I connected with old friends and make many news ones.

By the way, anyone who is interested in writing about any kind of public safety (police, fire, ambulance, etc.) either fiction or non-fiction, a great Public Safety Writers Association conference is going to be in Las Vegas, April 24-27. There’s also a writing contest for both published and unpublished work. For more information go to http://www.policewriter.com

This is also a worthwhile conference. If you have books, you may bring them for sale.


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Because I’m doing a Virtual Book Tour in February for my latest books, Smell of Death, I’ve been writing articles and responding to various interviews for the many blogs I’ll be visiting. Though enjoyable, it takes a lot of time. Time that I don’t have for working on my book in progress.

The bad thing about having the writing of a novel interrupted is you lose track of important items in the progress of your story. I had to go back through what I’d already written to figure out what days things happened because I had something going on during a Saturday that needed to be a weekday. Took some juggling, but I got it straightened out.
I always have a book I’m reading. I read when I’m eating, take a book when I have to go to the doctor’s, read during commercials of TV shows and sometimes on through the show, and I read in bed.

As I said in the first sentence, promotion takes a lot of time. When you go off to conferences and conventions and library talks, there is no time to write. The great thing about all three though, it is a time for living. That’s when I get to see writing friends and fans I haven’t seen for a long, long while. It is also a time for rejuvenation–primes the writing well, so to speak.
Because I’m active in my church, I do many things with my church family. Coming this weekend we’re having a soup, salad and dessert potluck. I’m bringing my gringo menudo. I’m substituting chicken for tripe. My grandson’s wife made it for us when we were visiting. She swears by its healing powers. I know it’s delicious. I hope our church family is brave enough to try it.

Speaking of families–a lot of my living is done with them. My son’s family lives in the little house next door. He spends six months of the year as a truck driver delivering plants to all the major stores. His wife and daughter usually eat dinner with us and I can catch up on my granddaughter’s life as a senior in highschool and her soccer games. I also have a daughter and son-in-law and another granddaughter only five minutes away. A married granddaughter, husband and three kids live nearby also.

For anyone who might think of a writer’s life as somehow being exciting and romantic, though I certainly enjoy my life, it’s fairly normal.


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Christmas is Drawing Near

Though Christmas is nearly here, like everyone else I suppose, I’m not quite ready. There are more presents to buy and wrap. I don’t have my Christmas Eve or dinner menu decided. The Christmas tree is decorated, but our three cats are quickly undecorating it.

We attended a retirement party for our eldest daughter in a lovely house that was beautifully decorated inside and out for the holidays. More than sixty of daughter’s co-workers attended along with a few relatives. It was a great send-off. But how can I possibly be old enough to have a daughter who is retiring?

We have a dinner party to attend this evening with my critique group and their spouses. Should be fun. Since I’m having a difficulty finding time for my work in progress, I don’t mind putting off the group’s regular meetings for a couple of weeks. They probably feel the same.
Friday night is our church’s Christmas party, always a fun event.

I already received a great Christmas present. My latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree novel, Judgment Fire, is an Eppie finalist in the mystery category. I haven’t had a finalist for several years, so I’m excited. The cover of the book won an Ariana award for the best mystery cover. (The cover was designed by one of Mundania Press’s cover artists.) So I’m doubly proud.

I also heard that the next in my Rocky Bluff PD crime series will be out in January. It’s called Smell of Death. More about it after the holidays.

You can read the first chapters of both these books on my website: http://fictionforyou.com
I’m going to quote one of my Sunday School student’s sentiment, “What I want most is for everyone to have the best Christmas ever.” If Christmas isn’t what you celebrate, I wish you all the best of the holiday season with lots of good food and fellowship with family and friends.


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