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Eric Hoffer Awards Recognize The Thief Maker

The Thief Maker was recently named a Finalist for the 2008 Eric Hoffer Award for Independent Books.

The complete list of finalists can be found below:

For continued reading, check out:

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This week on Calling All Authors

Calling All Authors is a weekly radio show for authors, writers and readers that discusses writing, the publishing industry, and the many issues that affect books and their creation from beginning to end. Hosted by Valerie Connelly, the program airs every Tuesday at 5pm ET, 2pm PT exclusively on Global Talk I’ll be Valerie’s guest this Tuesday, Feb. 19; among other topics, we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of ghostwriting and book collaboration. The conversation is always lively, entertaining and informative. I hope you’ll tune in.

Ed Robertson
Freelance Author, Editor, Journalist and Ghostwriter

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What Books Can Do!

I love books! Don’t you? Some are entertaining, some informative, while others carry the distinction of changing your life. That’s what happened after I read the small but mighty book “Chimney Swift Towers, New Habitat for America’s Mysterious Birds,” by Paul D. and Georgean Z. Kyle from Texas. Their commitment to swifts and my personal experience of over-wintering a few who missed their migration last year moved me to action and HELLO North Carolina! My huge push for our environmental partners, the Chimney Swifts, has been REWARDED!! The proposal forwarded to our state wildlife organization, WRNC, recommending an award of a monetary grant to assist organizations and individuals concerned with the conservation of Chimney Swifts in the State of North Carolina was approved by unanimous board vote on September 16, 2007. Three cheers for the tiny housekeepers of the sky! The information and instructions contained on WRNC’s website can be used by North Carolina residents requesting grant assistance and may also be used as a guide by other states concerned as well for benefits we all enjoy due to the migratory activities of the Chimney Swift.

Chimney Swift Tower Grant
Approved September 16, 2007 & Offered by the
Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina, Inc.

Remember these guys?

As stated by the proposal and adopted by WRNC, “Chimney Swifts, migratory birds that help decrease our dangerously high insect pest population, are in decline due to loss of habitat. Fortunately, Chimney Swifts are well adapted to man-made structures, so it is possible to create nesting habitat specifically for Swifts. If you are a member of an environmentally active group, an individual environment enthusiast, a WRNC member or nonmember, you may want to construct and maintain a Chimney Swift tower in your area to encourage Chimney Swifts, acrobatic insectivores who vacuum the sky at dawn and dusk, to return to your community each year. Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina, Inc. (WRNC) would like to help. Our organization (WRNC) is offering a $300.00 grant to assist you or your group to undertake this valuable conservation project.”

Just a note to all future North Carolina mosquito residents,

“Be afraid . . . . be very afraid!”

Linda Bergman-Althouse

author of “Save Them All” (except mosquitoes and other disease spreading insects)



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The Next Level on Reader’s Website


For immediate release For Further Information contact:
Clary Lopez
email: – The Next Level on Reader’s Website

A brand new concept in reader’s website is opening at Guerrilla Marketer’s Cafe is taking the concept of reader’s website and reviewing books to the next level.

“Book reviewing should be fun and rewarding” – Clary Lopez

Last year, Guerrilla Marketer’s Cafe was looking to help their numerous authors with a whole new concept in book promotion and they finally found it.

A new service has been established at Guerrilla Marketer’s Cafe for all its members, it’s called; a brand new site to promote books by attracting readers who enjoy writing book reviews. The concept is a unique combination on book reviews and been eligible to win rewards. The rewards are gifts provided by the authors, and their official sponsors.

The site also counts with a community area in which the readers and the authors can participate to get to know each other, participate in contests and much more. The site will also have a whole section on professional services and gift service available to its members in the near future.

“According to the popularity that community websites is making these days we expect to get a good reception from book lovers in general. The site mission is to become the bridge within the reader’s community at large and new and talented authors and their work. I believe we have a win-win situation with the launch of,” said Clary Lopez, CEO/Founder.

For more information on how you can start reviewing new books and be rewarded, visit


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Buzz Building for THE THIEF MAKER

I am reposting the following from my official blog:

I am including it here at the Book’s Den as an invite for anyone with a book club in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region that enjoys mysteries/suspense/pyschological thrillers.  I, David H. Schleicher, would be willing to entertain any offer to come meet with a local group in this area to sign copies and discuss my novel The Thief Maker.  Feel free to contact me through the Book’s Den or my official blog.



Upon just arriving home from vacation (stay tuned for an upcoming travel log), I’ve learned that THE THIEF MAKER is now “in-stock” at some additional Barnes & Noble locations in the greater Philadelphia area.

In addition to being in stock and on the shelves at the Marlton and Moorestown, New Jersey locations, steady sales mean my novel will now also be in stock at the Deptford, New Jersey location and also in the Philadelphia and Valley Forge locations in Pennsylvania.  If you go to any of these locations to pick up a copy and they are out of stock, tell them to order more.  It means a local author is selling and they should jump on the bandwagon.

Thanks to all who are helping my grass-roots campaign to turn THE THIEF MAKER into a success!  If you are among those who live in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and have not been able to purchase a copy because you prefer not to shop on-line, now you have no reason not to get a copy!

A Novel

An ambitious, intricately structured novel that resonates with emotion and suspense,” heralds Daniel Jolley, an Top 50 Reviewer.

“Schleicher has done a good job of creating a mystery that is mysterious, thought-provoking, entertaining, and sometimes shocking,” hails Joe Graham from

Purchase Now from Barnes and Noble

Purchase Now from

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New Release


Link to purchase on Amazon

Product Details

Title: Exposed
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Paperback: 184 pages
Publisher: Changing Tides Publishing (March 6, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615139825
ISBN-13: 978-0615139821

About the Book

A gripping tale of what happens, when two souls collide and their worlds explode…

On occasion, if fate would have it, our paths cross with someone with whom we connect on a plane much higher than that of the average acquaintance. Something familiar and all-knowing sparks between the souls, as if reconnecting with the lost part of ourselves that completes us and makes us whole. The power of persuasion in conjunction with this force can be very provocative and somewhat destructive, as there is no rhyme or reason, only the truth of the feelings it provokes within us.

Shelby Tyler recently encountered just such a force and was completely ill-prepared for the devastating affects it would have on her life. From the moment Dalton Morrison entered her world, she felt a completeness of mind, body and spirit that she didn’t know was possible; as if the missing piece to her own puzzle had been found and carefully snapped into place.

Despite the contentment she found in him, she knew it couldn’t last, but still, in the deepest most secret recesses of her mind, she hoped that somehow the same fate that brought them together would intervene and keep them there. Unfortunately, once Dalton’s estranged and mentally unstable wife got wise to what was happening, things took a dark turn and all was lost.

To the outside world the Morrison’s had it all, but in secret they lived behind a façade, as tension and instability ruled their lives; leaving Dalton longing for something he could no longer find in his wife or within the confines of their stately seaside mansion.

Would the truth Dalton discovered in Shelby be enough to sustain him through the battle that lie ahead, or would he cling to the only thing he’s ever known and continue living the lie that had become his life?

The door to one world has been opened, as the other threatens to be closed forever; all he has to do is decide which one to walk through.

Once the truth is exposed, it can be a wondrous thing…or it can be deadly!


Jill Terry
Author ׀ Poet ׀ Wordsmith Extraordinaire
Official Author Site
Wordsmith Blog
Café Muse

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The Big Time


I recently received an email from an author I’m acquainted with announcing that he’d “Made the Big Time”; stating that his new book was announced at U.S & World News no less. Having read his work and not been impressed in the least, I was dumbfounded as to how his book had garnered a spot in U.S. & World News!

I clicked the link that he’d provided for my convenience and sure enough it took me to a website with the heading: U.S. & World News: Entertainment News; Ten New Books ‘Worth a Look’ in 2007, and there was his book info, halfway down the list.

I started reading the article and the first thing that grabbed my attention were the publishers listed beside the titles, most of which were small-press and/or vanity presses. Hmm…how did these titles make it to U.S. & World News?

I scanned the site and soon realized that this was an advertising (press release) site, whose services you purchase. There are different levels of distribution that range from $49 for “local distribution, to a whopping $429.99 for the “national plus” distribution. They will not only distribute your press release, but write and edit as well (for an additional fee of course), and for only $199 more per month you can monitor which sites are writing about your release.

I did a further search and the closest site I came to when I searched for U.S. & World News was, US News & World Report, and just as I suspected, when I typed in the headline I came up with zilch! I went a step further and searched the entire web for such a headline and the only site that came up was the press release site where the services had been purchased.

This wasn’t surprising, but what did surprise me was the fact that he’d sent the email announcing that he’d made the Big Time, (I’m still shaking my head in disbelief)! I’m all about self-promotion and getting the word out the world about your work, but don’t insult my intelligence like this, and don’t be so ignorant to believe that this is in any way impressive to others, or that you have in fact hit the big time.

Perhaps he can con a few friend and relatives into believing his claim, but I’d be willing to bet that it’ll be a long time coming before his book sales recoup the cost of the services he’s just purchased!

Writers Beware…when taking on the task of self-promotion, think before you act. Be aware of the services you’re purchasing and exactly what it is you’re getting for your money. And whatever you do, don’t pretend to be something your not. It just isn’t worth the humiliation!

Jill Terry
Author ׀ Poet ׀ Wordsmith Extraordinaire
Wordsmith Blog


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