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Life Defining Moments

Life has a way to take us through many routes and places along our personal journey. At times dramatic events are the ones to move us forward or bury us alive; love and death come to mind.

To me love is the force that make all things possible, without love there is no life. But today I want to talk about death.

Death is the reality we all need to face at one time or another but that we many times choose to ignore. Nobody prepare us for the experience and each death encounter is different from the next. I’ve heard that the book Preparation for Death is an excellent one in this regard. Every time I come face to face with death is an opportunity to welcome the reality that pain and sorrow is an integral part of life, it’s life changing. It’s also a reminder that this is not our home, it’s the battle ground for our soul.

When someone dies, not only the person’s life goes through our mind but our very own existence up to that point. The experience transform us. We question why it had to happen? What are we still doing here? What is the reason for our existence? When will our time come? What memory of us would we leave behind? In a dramatic encounter with death even our own spirit can feel shattered and the light of hope and joy that once was part of our life leave us for a while, sometimes forever.

Faith is what helps deal with death, as Christians we know that death is a process towards a new life, not the end. We feel lost because we can’t see the person anymore and we long to hear their voice, but they still exist, they have been transformed and one day we will be reunited with them. One consolation is that the person won’t have to continue with their earthly struggle, the one we have to endure still and in the case of a long painful sickness, they are not suffering anymore. Even then not all of that justifies their parting from our life, all we can do is trust and believe in the promises made to us by God.

The best thing we can do with this experience is to let it transform us in a positive way; treasuring and living every moment of our life realizing that our life could end at any given moment. Doing our best to live our earthly mission today and don’t leave anything for tomorrow. Embracing life with passion and joy, being true to who we are and what we stand for. Like Paulo Coelho says: Die Living.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

To Nydia and Jason with love

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Word Power

When Jim asked his wife, Virginia, what she wanted for Christmas last year, she said a Chimney Swift Tower. The requested gift was not the type of thing a woman can wear on her finger or dangle from her earlobes and definitely not easily shown to friends at lunch, but she had read in the Jacksonville Daily News that Chimney Swift habitat was declining in our area due to the capping of chimneys, loss of tree cavities and new construction methods. Virginia has always been impressed with the benefits Chimney Swifts, who are insectivores, offer our environment and mulled over the information contained in the Letter to the Editor (Linda Bergman-Althouse) wrote long enough to feel compelled to do something about it. Jim and Virginia share a waterway enjoyed by an array of wildlife. For many years, the nature loving couple has continued to supplement wild birds’ diets and provide condos or gourds for Purple Martins when nesting time rolls around each spring. After going on the Internet and downloading schematics for a tower and an acceptable materials list from, Jim recruited another builder to help him construct the tower. “It took a few weeks or more to complete the twelve-foot tower, due to waiting out wet weather conditions and allotting time for the concrete to thoroughly set up,” Jim told me when he called. Although I hoped when putting out the word that chimney swifts were in need of alternate habitat to encourage them to return to our area, many months ago, I had no idea anyone had taken the “verbal” yellow flag and thrown it down. Jim invited me to Sneads Ferry to take a look at the tower he built for Virginia (and the Chimney Swifts, of course). My husband and I jumped in the car that day and within twenty five minutes I was absolutely thrilled to be standing next to a swift tower I had only dreamed someone would care enough to ask about, let alone build on their own. Jim sounded confident and proud when he said he “reinforced everything to ensure it will withstand hurricane force winds.” He dug a foundation platform so deep, he needed twenty bags of cement to fill it. Angled, iron girders (wider than the schematic called for) were set in place to form an extremely sturdy base.

Finished this past week, the twelve-foot tall swift tower, which “Chimney Swifts like better than the eight-foot” according to something Jim read, stands waiting along Swan Point off Stump Sound in Sneads Ferry. So “yes, Virginia, we can honestly say there is a Santa Claus, well . . . a Santa’s helper, also known as your husband,” who made this special and most unique Christmas present, a Chimney Swift Tower, happen. Virginia can’t wait for the first migratory Chimney Swift couple to show up from South America’s Amazon Basin and check out their new digs. Although, the tower is large enough to house quite a number of roosting pairs of swifts, Virginia says she will be thrilled to see just one couple this year.

Most stories have a moral–this one has a few, but the one I like most is: The little things we do can make a very big and positive difference. When your words mean so much to someone else, they take on power. You may or may not find out what effect or influence they’ve had, but just keep doing your part to make the world a better place and know others, like Jim and Virginia, will too.

Linda Bergman-Althouse

author of, “Save Them All

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