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Hangin’ Out

Book Lovers’ Fairs or Expos are great opportunities for networking in ‘author world,’ showcasing your  writing talents and generally, having a lot of fun.  Meeting fellow authors is a marvelous trip.  Most writer’s are unique in so many ways I truly appreciate.  Although I look forward to meeting and hanging out with a crazy, diverse bunch of writers, some of the moments I anticipate the most at a multiple-author, book event are spying the adorable, animated characters milling around and rushing to hang out with them.  They’re there to bolster the childrens’ books or advertise something out in town.  Either way, I’m thrilled to see them.  I’ve grown very respectful of mascots over the years.  They don’t talk, have a pleasant demeanor, a delighted, if not goofy, look on their face, transmit infectious energy and throw out happy waves to everyone.  They’re big and have even bigger heads, with shoes to match.  I get so excited to see them, I want to be them.  Yes, my mind has gone there.  The thought of becoming a big head with big shoes bounces in my brain quite often, but the dilemma is what head would I choose.  I’ve envisioned a Bluebird because they’re happy, have wings and uncommon as a mascot.  Bees are disappearing, so maybe I should be a honeybee to bring attention to their plight.  I’d still have wings, but I’d also be adorned with antennae and yellow is a good color for me.  I’ll think on that a while.  I guess my message to everyone with this little bloggie blurb is stay positive, have fun in whatever you do and respect the ‘clean’ fun others are having even if it’s not your cup of tea.   Book signings,  Literary Symposiums and Writer’s Workshops are on the schedule for me over the next six months, and I plan to have a huge amount of fun teaching or learning at all of them.  I just hope some big-headed mascots will be close by to hang out with.  Bye, Bye, now!













 Linda Bergman-Althouse

author of “Save Them All


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Interview with Paul Green, author of PETE DUEL: A BIOGRAPHY, now available on Share-a-Vision Radio

Most of us think of Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes, the amiable outlaw that he played so well on the short-lived but long-remembered television Western series, Alias Smith and Jones (ABC, 1971-1973). That, of course, was the image we saw on screen. Off screen, Pete Duel was a complex man who led an unpredictable and often tumultuous life—a fact best characterized by his highly publicized suicide on Dec. 31, 1971, at the height of his television celebrity.The story of Pete Duel is one of the great

Hollywood tragedies… but it’s also a reminder that the true value of a person rests not in the manner of their death, but in the way they lived their life and continue to touch the lives of the people of who knew them. That’s really the focus of Pete Duel: A Biography, a fascinating new book by Paul Green that Frankie and I talked about last week on TV Confidential.In case you missed it, our interview with Paul is now available on our archives page at The program also features film and television actress Kim Darby, who not only co-starred with Pete Duel in the film Generation but was among the actor’s closest friends.  

Ed Robertson
Every other Tuesday at 10:30pm ET, 7:30pm PT
Share-a-Vision Radio,
Also available as a podcast via iTunes


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Author Michael Seth Starr: This week on Share-a-Vision Radio

The life and career of Raymond Burr will be the subject of the next edition of Talking Television with Dave White, this Tuesday, July 10, beginning at 10:30pm ET, 7:30pm PT on Share-a-Vision Radio, Whether you knew him as Perry Mason, Robert Ironside or the many movie villains he played (including Lars Thorwald in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window), Raymond Burr was a powerful presence on television for over 40 years. But offscreen, he was something of an enigma. We’ll unwrap the mystery that was Burr with our guest Michael Seth Starr, author of “Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret Life of Raymond Burr,” a compassionate look at the life and career of this TV icon. If you’re a fan of Raymond Burr, if you grew up watching Perry Mason and/or Ironside, we invite you to join guest hosts Ed Robertson and Frankie Montiforte beginning at 10:30pm ET, 7:30pm PT on What’s your favorite Raymond Burr movie role or TV series? Let us know and tell us why. Phone number is (800) 407-KSAV (5728), email address is or

Ed Robertson
Pop Culture Critic and Entertainment Journalist
Co-Host, Talking Television with Dave White
Share-a-Vision Radio,

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Eric Hoffer Awards Recognize The Thief Maker

The Thief Maker was recently named a Finalist for the 2008 Eric Hoffer Award for Independent Books.

The complete list of finalists can be found below:

For continued reading, check out:

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This week on Share-a-Vision Radio: author David Deal

David Deal will be discussing his new book, Television Fright Films of the 1970s, a comprehensive look at The Night Stalker, Duel, Trilogy of Terror, Women in Chains and other classic suspense movies made exclusively for television.  Join David, Frankie Montiforte and me this Tuesday, Jan. 22 beginning at 10:30pm ET, 7:30pm PT on Share-a-Vision Radio,

Ed Robertson
Pop Culture Critic and Television Historian
Co-Host, Talking Television with Dave White
Share-a-Vision Radio,

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New Feature on Word Weavers

Any writer worth their salt knows that social networking sites like MySpace are a great way to meet fellow writers and hopefully some readers as well.

I am currently featured on MySpace’s Word Weavers for the week of 1/13/2008.

D. H. Schleicher holds a background in Psychology and Criminal Justice from his undergraduate days at Elon University in North Carolina. Always a crafty storyteller as a child, Schleicher honed his skills in college where his studies fueled his ideas and helped him develop his characters. Schleicher took many chances early on by self-publishing three psychological thrillers over a course of two and half years after graduating college in 2002. His projects were unmitigated disasters, but provided him valuable lessons. Sometimes a writer must learn the hard way and must write a lot of garbage before finally writing something worthwhile that will connect with audiences.

That breakthrough came in late 2006 with the publication of The Thief Maker. Here Schleicher finally found his voice and delivered a dark, psychologically complex, intertwining tale of love, hate, and crime on the streets of Philadelphia and New York City. The Thief Maker has been earning rave reviews and accolades (including Honorable Mention in the Genre Fiction category in the upcoming Writer’s Digest 15th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards) over the course of the past year. Schleicher has employed a slow-burning grassroots marketing campaign built on the strong word of mouth from readers and critics and his always lively blog where he discusses films, books, current events, and shares his trials and tribulations with self-publishing and living the writer’s life.

The author finds endless inspiration from his love of films and books. He believes you learn to write well by reading as much of the classics as you can, but also by reading some of the bad writing (be it one’s own experiments from the past or current best-sellers that are less than stellar) to know what to avoid in one’s own writing. His favorite novelist is Graham Greene while his favorite film director is Stanley Kubrick. Schleicher is currently working on his next evolution as a novelist while residing in the suburbs of his favorite city and muse, Philadelphia.

The Thief Maker is on the shelves at Philadelphia and South Jersey area Barnes & Noble stores and available for purchase worldwide through Barnes & Noble and

Purchase Now from Barnes and Noble

Purchase Now from

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Authors Herbie J Pilato, Sharon Kaye and Jennifer Weed on Share-a-Vision Radio

In case you missed it, the Dec. 18 edition of Talking Television with Dave White is now available on the archives page at Share-a-Vision Radio, This week, Frankie and I welcomed Herbie J Pilato, whose books include The Bionic Book and Life Story: The Book of Life Goes On (both of which are available through Bear Manor Media), Sharon Kaye, editor of Lost and Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell, 2007), and Jennifer Weed, editor of 24 and Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell, 2007).  Click on the link below to listen to the program:

Happy listening, and Happy Holidays.

Ed Robertson
Pop Culture Critic and Television Historian

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