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New Feature on Word Weavers

Any writer worth their salt knows that social networking sites like MySpace are a great way to meet fellow writers and hopefully some readers as well.

I am currently featured on MySpace’s Word Weavers for the week of 1/13/2008.

D. H. Schleicher holds a background in Psychology and Criminal Justice from his undergraduate days at Elon University in North Carolina. Always a crafty storyteller as a child, Schleicher honed his skills in college where his studies fueled his ideas and helped him develop his characters. Schleicher took many chances early on by self-publishing three psychological thrillers over a course of two and half years after graduating college in 2002. His projects were unmitigated disasters, but provided him valuable lessons. Sometimes a writer must learn the hard way and must write a lot of garbage before finally writing something worthwhile that will connect with audiences.

That breakthrough came in late 2006 with the publication of The Thief Maker. Here Schleicher finally found his voice and delivered a dark, psychologically complex, intertwining tale of love, hate, and crime on the streets of Philadelphia and New York City. The Thief Maker has been earning rave reviews and accolades (including Honorable Mention in the Genre Fiction category in the upcoming Writer’s Digest 15th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards) over the course of the past year. Schleicher has employed a slow-burning grassroots marketing campaign built on the strong word of mouth from readers and critics and his always lively blog where he discusses films, books, current events, and shares his trials and tribulations with self-publishing and living the writer’s life.

The author finds endless inspiration from his love of films and books. He believes you learn to write well by reading as much of the classics as you can, but also by reading some of the bad writing (be it one’s own experiments from the past or current best-sellers that are less than stellar) to know what to avoid in one’s own writing. His favorite novelist is Graham Greene while his favorite film director is Stanley Kubrick. Schleicher is currently working on his next evolution as a novelist while residing in the suburbs of his favorite city and muse, Philadelphia.

The Thief Maker is on the shelves at Philadelphia and South Jersey area Barnes & Noble stores and available for purchase worldwide through Barnes & Noble and

Purchase Now from Barnes and Noble

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Jamie Beckett – Burritos and Gasoline

Small Cover 1Burritos and Gasoline (ISBN 978-0-595-40912-9) is available through, Barnes and Noble and where ever fine books are sold.

Jamie Beckett didn’t set out to be a writer. Rather, he set out to be a musician. A career path that he pursued with great zeal for many more years than most adults would consider prudent. Eventually he switched gears and discovered a  perfectly happy life for himself, working as a commercial pilot.

But after years of living a creative life, Jamie learned firsthand that writing isn’t something one simply walks away from on a whim. And so it was that Jamie found himself writing for an ever expanding number of avation magazines. That hobby led to a weekly newspaper column, which ultimately created a new career as a full time writer. Along the way the old career took a professional back seat.

Jamie continues to write a weekly newspaper column while he develops his second novel, Sullivan’s Grove.

For more information, go to Jamie’s web site at:

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I can’t help myself …

… but I have to write!

I started when I was about 14, writing ‘scripts’ for TV shows in the vain hope that someone would see them and commission me (not that I knew what ‘commission’ meant in those days).

I wrote short stories, bad novels, TV plays, stage plays … anything to put words on paper. Then I did a degree in Creative Arts that included Drama and Writing, and that put me into the academic rat race for a few years. I started doing more talking about writing than actual writing, which was a Bad Thing.

So a few years ago I started writing prose again. I’d been reading mostly American crime novels – Elmore Leonard, Robert Crais, James Lee Burke, the list is endless – so I decided to write that kind of novel, but in a British setting. Most English crime writing is either police procedural stuff or amateur detective, and I wanted to write about a noir-ish Private Eye. The result is Altered Life, available through or Amazon. I’m now half-way through the second one in the series starring my detective, Sam Dyke. It’s a tough life, but I enjoy it!

Keith Dixon
Altered LifeAltered Life

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I would like to introduce myself….

My name is Linda and I am a 42 year old mom of two little boys. I have always enjoyed writing, but it really took off last year when I discovered Nanowrimo. I failed in my quest, but in the last year have published 3 books.

The first one is an anthology of poetry called Internally Love Shines. It is a collection of work that I wrote some 15 years ago. I was lonely and I had just lost my grandmother.

I then wrote “Big Brother, Little Brother which is based on my two sons.

My pride and joy though has got to be “Why is He Different”. This project was from my heart. My oldest son has ADHD and is on the Autism Spectrum. It broke my heart when the kids at his school would sometimes tease him, so I wrote this book so that other children would learn acceptance of other kids no matter how different they are.

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Author’s Bio for Nancy O. Greene

Nancy O. Greene started writing at the age of nine. She attended the University of Southern California where she earned a B.A. in Cinema (Critical Studies) and a minor in English (Creative Writing). Portraits in the Dark received the Editor’s Choice award and Publisher’s Choice award from iUniverse. She has written articles for numerous web sites, and two of the short stories featured in Portraits in the Dark: A Collection of Short Stories have both received quarterfinalist and semifinalist awards from the 10th Annual Writers Network Fiction and Screenplay Competition.

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