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Protecting Nahir – Armando Miranda, former Navy SEAL, now celebrity bodyguard, stumbles upon the grisly murder of his client’s husband and agent. His client, Nahir Delvalle, a Pop diva on the island of Puerto Rico, is accused of the murder and he is hired to prove her innocence. His investigation uncovers layers of deceit, infidelity, and greed born of desperation. His belief in Nahir’s innocence is tested with each new discovery. Protecting Nahir is a murder mystery with a tropical flavor set in the backdrop of the entertainment industry of Puerto Rico.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Altered Life – In the first of a series of books featuring Sam Dyke, Altered Life transplants the attitude and pace of the American private eye story into a contemporary English setting.

Simplicity - Richness of Life Simplicity – Richness of Life – (Inspirational Nonfiction) Tired of running all over the place? Can’t wait to unwind? You can have a relaxed, joyful life. This is the book for busy, driven people.

The Thief MakerThe Thief Maker

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The Choice

key Under Lock and Key – Rona Shively is a private detective. She’s smart, she’s sassy, she’s seriously confused. She’s also got to pay the rent, so she takes on yet another crazy case. Her new client, Ted McCafferty has asked for her assistance in finding out what happened to his sister. All reports say that she was killed in a boating accident, but McCafferty thinks that her husband may be hiding something. At first blush, her new client has a boyish charm and she feels very comfortable around him. But things are never as they seem. Before it’s over, Rona’s trapped in a basement with a dead body and an ex-boyfriend and things get ugly. All of this plus an impromptu visit from her sister, an argument with her current boyfriend, Norm, and being questioned in connection with a local murder adds up to one stressed-out private detective who’s ready to crack. Come along for the ride, Rona’s driving.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSave Them All – The story introduces readers to wildlife rehabilitators working twenty-four seven, far behind the scenes, rescuing injured, diseased or orphaned wild animals and is impassioned with concern for the loss of wildlife habitat due to progressive, yet destructive development, purposefully rallying support for the protection and stewardship of America’s extraordinary natural resources. The personal lives of the story-specific Rehabilitators are emphasized, surfacing common social issues and hard choices we all face When differing values collide.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Portraits in the Dark – Portraits in the Dark is a collection of nine fascinating stories that examine the uncertainty, vulnerability, and darkness present in human nature and the world.
From a lonely man succumbing to the wiles of a mysterious female to a young woman confronted with her own possible insanity, Greene’s captivating tales will take you down a macabre and mesmerizing path.

A Media Distancia A Media Distancia

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