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The Book’s Den Makes a Pause

The Book’s Den was initiated as a collaborative blog of writers looking to promote their work and for quite some time we were able to keep a regular schedule of postings for reader’s enjoyment. However at this point in time many of us are too busy to keep up with it in a timely manner and we decided to make a pause until further notice.

I invite you to continue visiting the individual sites and blogs the writers have posted here and to follow them as they continue to do their work. It was an honor for me to work with such quality of writers and human beings during the past two years and I hope to continue my communication with them.

I am working in a few projects at this time and I invite you to continue visiting my Official blog, in it I write a few times a week and keep my readers updated of what is coming up with my books, contests and presentations.

Until we meet again, I remain grateful for your visits.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

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All Aboard Suntrain

Talk about timing. With President Obama calling for investments in renewable energy, Bay Area transportation expert Christopher Swan has devised a full-service passenger train system that is not only completely solar-powered, but just might be the ticket to solving our most pressing transportation, energy, and environmental problems. Known as Suntrain, it is the subject of Mr. Swan’s Big Idea (Sopo Press, 2009), a new book by San Jose State University professor David Vasquez. My interview with Vasquez appears in The Wave Magazine:

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