Virtual Book Tour

I’m on a virtual book tour for Kindred Spirits all month, and these are the places I’ll be until I post on this blog again:

Oct 15
Oct 16
Oct 17
Oct 20
Oct 21 and
Oct 22
Oct 23
Oct 24
Oct 27
Oct 28

If you visit any of these blogs, please leave a comment.

I also have a book video here:

This has been a hectic time beginning with the first of September. I’ve done more promotion for this book than any of my others.

It began with a preview when I spoke to the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime, The following week I had the official book launch in Crescent City CA where much of the story takes place. We flew to Illinois where I spoke to the Prose in the Park Writing Conference–and also signed a contract with my new publisher for the next in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

I attended the Wizards of Words conference in Scottsdale AZ where I gave two presentations.

The coming weekend is the Apple Festival in Springville (where I live) CA and I’ll have a booth on Saturday and Sunday. The weekend after that, on October 25th at 2 p.m., I’ll be in Henderson NV (next to Las Vegas) at Cheescake and Crime, a wonderful bookstore giving a talk about what kind of research I do for the Native American information in my mysteries.

Whew! And it’s not over yet! I’m already filling my calendar with events for next year too.
And sometime, I need to find time to write two more books–yes, that’s what I said, two more books.



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2 responses to “Virtual Book Tour

  1. Way to go Marilyn, I wish you success in your tours. Hope to see you in Florida sometime soon!!

  2. Since I live 3000 miles away, probably won’t happen anytime soon. That’s the beauty of a virtual book tour, you can see me all over the place.


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