2008 Fall TV Preview

Less is more on TV this season, at least when it comes to new shows. That’s because most of the shows starting up this fall really aren’t “new” at all.

There are only 18 bona fide “new” scripted series premiering this year (last year, there were almost 30). Some aren’t so much new as they are adaptations of popular overseas shows (the networks call this “reimagining”). The NBC sitcom Kath & Kim, based on an Australian comedy of the same name, falls in this category, as do Eleventh Hour and Worst Week on CBS, Life on Mars on ABC and Little Britain USA on HBO (all of which are “reimaginings” of British series). Then there are the holdovers from 2007-08: Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Private Practice on ABC, Life and Chuck on NBC. These shows all premiered last year, only to have their launches aborted due to the writers strike. Rather than bring them back last spring, the networks decided to “relaunch” them this season as if they were new (even though they’re not).

Confused? No worries. Here’s a brief look at what’s new, what’s sort of new, and the best of what’s coming back on broadcast television and cable:

For a complete list of all returning shows this season, click here:

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One response to “2008 Fall TV Preview

  1. Wow. I need to watch more TV I guess. I’ve never heard of most of these shows. I guess I’m getting old.. 😦

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