Trying to Blog

This is the most difficult blog for me to keep up with. The reasons are I have to keep changing my password because I can’t remember the one WordPress has given me–it’s way too complicated and haven’t been able to find the place to change it to something I can remember.

Then I always have a difficult time actually finding the Book’s Den site. (I know, it’s easy for everyone else.) And I’m supposed to post on a particular day, but I never know what that day is. I probably ought to just give up.

I don’t because I said I’d do this post–and I hate to give up on anything.

I am extremely busy at the moment preparing for my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery book launch. I’m excited about this one, because there’s a lot about the Tolowa people in it, an Indian tribe that no many know about. Of course it’s a regular murder mystery, but Tempe goes to Crescent City CA as part of an investigation and while there meets some Tolowa women. Kindred Spirits is coming from Mundania Press in September.

I will be traveling to Crescent City for the book launch.


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