The Giant Awakens

The Giant Awakens

I would not see the wave

Did not expect its power

Nay, till it did crash,

And my peace it did devour

Flooding the rocks

Of apathy, this late hour

Asleep, deafened, oblivious

Steadied in serenity

Contented, ersatz existence

Adrift, peaceful levity

Free of drama’s insanity

Awakened was the giant

With booming voice he brayed

“I’m free, I want, I need

My thirst slaked, my hunger sated!

My lecherous needs allayed!”

Immortal youth infused me

Forgotten sensations felt

Arrays of vivid colors seen

Dread of consequences melt

Peeled finally, of expectation’s pelt

Carnage may be left behind

Of emotions stirred again

The iron bar of contentment

My newfound power bends

Chaos may rule in the end

To the slag heap I’ve discarded

The safe, monotonous, mundane

Of life’s modern status quo

The civilized, the urbane

This tiger is no longer tame

Mainlining like a needy junkie

Life’s passion in my veins

Prone, spread eagle on the beach

I yearn for another wave

Tis the tsunami this time I crave

Twas I, the divine catalyst

What rationally explains

Who woke that fucking giant

Perhaps inadvertently,

But I know all the same

Whilst he moves, breathes, needs

I shall never sleep again

Anthony D. Hubble, 2007

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