Being a Conference and Convention Junkie

Yes, I must confess, I seem to be turning into a conference junkie. Since September I’ve been to Bouchercon in Alaska, Love is Murder in Chicago, Epicon in Portland OR, Public Safety Writers Association in Vegas, and Mayhem in the Midlands in Omaha.

And yes, I have a couple more in the fall.

The main reason for attending all these is promotion for my books. No, you don’t really sell a whole lot of books at a conference or convention, but the idea is to meet people who hopefully will become interested in your books and eventually become a fan.

When I go to a strictly writers confered where I’m giving a presentation, of course I’ll be meeting people and talking about my books, but I’ll also be nurturing writers. Throughout my writing career, I’ve been nurtured by many writers and of course I want to share what I’ve learned with others.

I’ve been planning my promotion for the next book in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, Kindred Spirits. It’s supposed to arrive around the end of August. The book launch is planned for the Sisters in Crime meeting in Fresno the first Saturday in September. Then I’m heading up to Crescent City where the first half of the book is set. Hopefully, I’ll hit a bookstore and a library or two. One place I’ll definitely be going is to a coffee house run by a Tolowa woman named Junie. She inspired two of the characters in the book and gave me lots of information about the Tolowa people.

Of course before that book comes out I still have events to promote Judgment Fire and Smell of Death. On June 14th I’ll be at a Flea Market in Temecula CA, July 12 at the West Coast Authors Premiere in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ventura.

One of the fun things we’ll be doing in Ventura is staying in a haunted room at a bed and breakfast. More about that later. We’ll also be visiting our youngest daughter and her family, and we’re looking forward to seeing her latest new home.

On June 19th, I’m heading up to Oakview and the Willow Bridge Bookstore to talk to a writing group about self-editing. In August, so far the only thing I have planned is having a table with my books at an Arts Festival in Elk Grove.

Hopefully, I can get my next Tempe book completed this summer.

With the price of gas, I may have to curtail my promotions to events close to home. My days as a con junkie may be coming to a close.


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