Because I’m doing a Virtual Book Tour in February for my latest books, Smell of Death, I’ve been writing articles and responding to various interviews for the many blogs I’ll be visiting. Though enjoyable, it takes a lot of time. Time that I don’t have for working on my book in progress.

The bad thing about having the writing of a novel interrupted is you lose track of important items in the progress of your story. I had to go back through what I’d already written to figure out what days things happened because I had something going on during a Saturday that needed to be a weekday. Took some juggling, but I got it straightened out.
I always have a book I’m reading. I read when I’m eating, take a book when I have to go to the doctor’s, read during commercials of TV shows and sometimes on through the show, and I read in bed.

As I said in the first sentence, promotion takes a lot of time. When you go off to conferences and conventions and library talks, there is no time to write. The great thing about all three though, it is a time for living. That’s when I get to see writing friends and fans I haven’t seen for a long, long while. It is also a time for rejuvenation–primes the writing well, so to speak.
Because I’m active in my church, I do many things with my church family. Coming this weekend we’re having a soup, salad and dessert potluck. I’m bringing my gringo menudo. I’m substituting chicken for tripe. My grandson’s wife made it for us when we were visiting. She swears by its healing powers. I know it’s delicious. I hope our church family is brave enough to try it.

Speaking of families–a lot of my living is done with them. My son’s family lives in the little house next door. He spends six months of the year as a truck driver delivering plants to all the major stores. His wife and daughter usually eat dinner with us and I can catch up on my granddaughter’s life as a senior in highschool and her soccer games. I also have a daughter and son-in-law and another granddaughter only five minutes away. A married granddaughter, husband and three kids live nearby also.

For anyone who might think of a writer’s life as somehow being exciting and romantic, though I certainly enjoy my life, it’s fairly normal.


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