Remembering Suzanne Pleshette

Suzanne Pleshette was, with the possible exception of Barry Morse, the most fun and down-to-earth person I talked to for my book The Fugitive Recaptured. She answered her own phone; she laid her cards right on the table; there was absolutely no pretense about her. She spoke to me several times over the phone for the book, then we met in person at a party in Beverly Hills thrown by my publisher shortly after the book was originally released.

For those who may not know, I was still in my 20s at the time I wrote The Fugitive Recaptured. So when Pleshette arrived, she announced, in that unmistakeably throaty voice of hers, “All right! I want to see him… Where’s the boy author?!??” And then she gave me a great big hug.

Suzanne Pleshette passed away yesterday in Los Angeles. For anyone who grew up watching television in the ’70s, this is certainly a sad day. She was a class act all the way.

Ed Robertson
Pop Culture Critic and Television Historian

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One response to “Remembering Suzanne Pleshette

  1. phillip

    Fairwell Suzanne, We all Love you…

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