And So the New Year Begins

Hard to believe, it’s actually 2008! Now the challenge is to remember that and put it on my communications and checks.

What are you looking forward to in this coming year? For myself, I’m hoping the year includes continued good health–always something to think about when you get to be my age.

However, I’m always optimistic and this year’s calendar is already filling up. I’ve even sent in money for a mystery con in 2009.

The end of January we’re flying to Chicago for the Love is Murder conference. All my friends in California feel that is being truly optimistic if not a bit foolhardy. I remind them that I went to Alaska to a mystery con in February and had a great time.

I’m planning a book launch for Smell of Death, the next in my Rocky Bluff PD series in February. Again, I’ll be appearing at the Springville Visitor’s Center in the Elster Building.

In March, hubby and I will fly to Portland OR for EpiCon. My latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Judgment Fire, is a finalist in the mystery category for an Eppie. Whether it wins or not, Epicon is a great conference and I have many author friends I’m looking forward to spending time with. I’ll also be presenting while I’m there.

Writers of Kern is having their conference in March too, and I’m honored to have been asked to present a workshop on writing mysteries, in particular how to keep a series fresh. I’ll also be headed to the Kings’ County Library in Hanford to talk about writing and my books.

April will find me at the Jackass Mail Run with a booth–no, it’s not about a bunch of jackasses running–it celebrates the delivery of the mail from Porterville to Springville and horses and riders along with the mail wagon make their way to Springville where a mock battle ensues with would-be robbers and the men on the wagon.

April also is the time for the Public Safety Writers Association’s conference. All the information is available at > This is another favorite of mine and I’m also in charge of the program. If you write about any of the many public safety fields–either fiction on non-fiction–you ought to try this conference.

And that’s probably enough of what I’ve got planned for the coming year. It’s certainly enough for an old lady who is supposed to be retired.

For all of you who read this, my wish for you is a year full of love, happiness and prosperity.


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