Recommended reading: “Inside INSIDE” by James Lipton

One of the best interview shows on television today is Inside The Actors Studio, which is seen every week in over 84 million U.S. homes on the Bravo cable television network. If you’re a fan of the series, and especially appreciate the insight it brings to the craft of acting, you’ll definitely want to check out Inside INSIDE (Dutton, 2007), a terrific new book by the show’s host, creator and executive producer, James Lipton, founder and dean emeritus of the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University in New York. Featuring the wit, wisdom and candor of many of the show’s guests, including Paul Newman, Gene Hackman, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp and Robin Williams, Inside INSIDE is also the story of Lipton’s own journey in show business, a life that began under the tutelage of his father (a poet) and his mother (a teacher), continued under the tutelage of such theatrical greats as Stella Adler, Robert Lewis and Harold Clurman, and took him to such places as the Great Wall of China (with Bob Hope), the White House (with two presidents), and eventually, the Actors Studio.  Part memoir, part history, part episode guide, it’s a fascinating look at an actor’s life from every conceivable angle.

Ed Robertson
Pop Culture Critic and Television Historian


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4 responses to “Recommended reading: “Inside INSIDE” by James Lipton

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  4. James Lipton is a good story teller and at age 80 he has some good stories to tell. His classical education shows itself in his facility with language and in the themes around which he groups his essays. There are those who state that Inside Inside is too centered on Lipton as if that is a detriment instead of an asset. Lipton has had a rich life and he has met quite a few interesting characters outside of the well-knowns he’s interviewed on the show. The manner in which he introduces you to these characters and allows you to get to know them through his memories is quite engaging. Still, this book may not be engaging for everyone. Before purchasing Inside Inside, or any book for that matter, I would suggest sampling one chapter of the book. If you would like an audio sample of Chapter 6 of Inside Inside you may search YouTube for the ISBN-13 number for Inside Inside. The number is 978-052595035.

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