Caida/fall by Gema Moraleja Paz@2008

Caída                                                                                      Fall


Busco a lo lejos                                                                        Lacking a whole

en la ausencia de un todo                                                          I seek a path afar

creando paso a paso mi destino                                                forging my fate step by step

solo hallando odio                                                                     finding only hatred

la ternura que emanaba                                                 the tenderness that emanated

de mi escudo se protege                                                           from my shield shelters

en las alas del destino                                                                in the wings of sleeping fate

que dormido el viento mece                                                      rocked by the wind

amor que está olvidado                                                 love forgotten

entre murallas de vida                                                               between walls of life

que lenta agoniza y se difumina                                      slowly dying and fading

buscando entre los celos                                                           searching amidst the jealousy

del abismo que me absorbe                                                       of the abyss that engulfs me

arrancando los minutes                                                  wrenching the minutes

del camino y de la ira.                                                               from the road and the rage.

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