Busco y busco/Seeking & seeking by Gema Moraleja Paz@2008

Busco y busco                                                            Seeking and seeking


Es el intermitente azul                                                    It’s the intermittent blue

del destino mi sonrisa                                                    of fate my smile

elevando las alas de mi boca                                         lifting the wings of my mouth

a tu jardín prohibido                                                      to your forbidden garden

grito con la mente abierta                                              I shout, my mind open,

olvidando que la distancia                                             forgetting that distance

es mi enemiga                                                               is my enemy

busco y ya no encuentro                                               seeking I no longer find

ese camino que olvida                                                   the road that forgets

mi tristeza y hace sentir                                     my sadness and makes my

a mi cuerpo ese doble filo                                             body feel that double edge

alcanzando el firmamento                                              reaching the heavens

y siempre me pregunto:                                     and always I ask myself:

Qué he hecho yo para ser fiel                                        What have I done to be true

a mis semejantes?, aunque                                            to my fellows?, even though

caiga en un sin fin de túneles                                          I fall into countless tunnels

que marcan mi destino                                      that mark out my fate

entre llagas y lamentos                                      amid afflictions and lamentations

aunque el amor no camine nunca                                   though love never wander

entre la cumbre de mi canto                                          on my song’s summit

expansionando nuestro alivio                                         expanding our great

grande y escurridizo                                                      and slippery relief

como el odio que deriva                                                like the hatred that leads

en la nostalgia del alba blanca.                           to nostalgia for white dawn.

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