New Year’s Resolutions . . . Not!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! What a nice break that was. Much thanks to Clary for understanding about my need to let my posts slide for a little bit. It’s been a hectic holiday season–it’s been a hectic few months–and I needed some time to kick back and relax. But it’s about that time to get back to it all, so . . .

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Haven’t since I was about 12 years old or so. As far as I’m concerned, why not start earlier and continue upon what you’re doing? Or start later when you can. Change what needs to be changed, keep what needs to be kept, but who cares what day it is?

Aside from various events, the main thing that really changes based on the year is the date. But some things do make the “New Year” convenient in terms of getting certain projects done. The availability of resources and time. The working world has slowed down because of the holidays right before the change of the year, and one can take some time to just relax or get things in order without worrying about outside obligations.

And there are bargains after the holidays. Everybody wants your money, because they know it’s a peak season for people to buy junk they’ll use for a few months (usually past the date it can be returned for something practical). If you’re in the market to buy specific items, just after the holidays is one of the best times to go out and get them.

Almost everyone’s pumped up at this time–just off of vacation (for those that get one;), high off of presents and surviving family events, etc.

But, still, for me–and I suspect for many other artists, business people, and the like–2008 will be a continuation of projects, work, and in general just living life. So to those who make New Year’s resolutions–much luck to you! And to those who don’t–high five!
Nancy O. Greene


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2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions . . . Not!

  1. Surviving ah? well have a good 2008 we can cope after the christmas holidays……

  2. Thanks for the comment, Gema.

    Some people do consider it surviving to “brave” holiday family events. However, for me, that was just one piece of humor in this overall lighthearted post.

    Hope you had a good one. 🙂

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