Paying it forward?

It’s really a great concept.  A bank in Fargo, ND has decided that the best way to get their employees in the “giving” spirit this year is to give them money with the condition of having to spend it on doing good for others.  Check out this story!  As a former HR manager, I was really inspired by this.  What a great idea!  And it’s not just $50, it’s $500 for part-time employees and $1,000 for full-time. 

If all businesses did this, just imagine the impact it would have on how people treat one another.  Many times people want to give but can’t seem to find ways to make it feasible.  Actually, we are supposed to (and I’m not sure where this came from) give to others no matter how much or how little we have.  The rules of karma will pay it back to us if we do it all in good spirit and without expecting anything back.  That’s what I’ve found at least.  Helping others pays you back in so many ways that you simply don’t miss the money. 

I really just wanted to take this opportunity to share the story with everyone.  Maybe others will follow the lead of the N.D. State Bank & Trust.  It would be a huge step in the right direction!

 Happy Holidays!

 Rebecca Benston

Author of The Rona Shively Stories 

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