Books Carnival – Dec. 16, 2007


Welcome to the December 16, 2007 edition of Books Carnival.

Amanda presents Dinosaurium Amazing Dinosaur Stocking Stuffer posted at Pajama Mommy.

Amanda presents Book Talks posted at Pajama Mommy.

Jason presents 1962: Arthur Lucas and Ronald Turpin posted at Executed Today, saying, “Hi — I write a historical blog about executions and was able to secure an interview with the author of a recent book about the last hangings in Canada, “The Last to Die”. I’m pretty pleased with it, and if it’s appropriate for the carnival, I’d love to enter it.”

book reviews

John Miedema presents Conceit by Mary Novik posted at Slow Reading.

Storm presents The Ramayana: A Modern Retelling of the Great Indian Epic posted at Cool, In My Opinion….

Jenny presents The 4 Books Battle – Battle Two posted at the so called me.

mgopi presents How to Help Your Child Excel in Math posted at E-CYCLOPEDIA – Free ebooks download, ecyclopedia download ebooks free, saying, “Download ebook now..! The book is an alphabetical dictionary and handbook that gives parents of elementary, middle school, and high school students what they need to know to help their children understand the math they’re learning. The book can also be used by students themselves and is suitable for anybody who is reviewing math to take standardized tests or other exams. Foreign students, whose English-language mathematics vocabulary needs to be strengthened, will also benefit from this book.”

mgopi presents Linux Programming by Example posted at E-CYCLOPEDIA – Free ebooks download, ecyclopedia download ebooks free, saying, “This book “Linux Programming By Example” introduces programmers with some background in C but no knowledge of the specifics of Linux programming to the fundamentals of Linux system programming and application development. Topics covered include using GNU development tools, system programming, file handling in Linux, interprocess communication, network programming, application programming interfaces, debugging and memory management, and version control and software distribution.”

John presents Review: Of a Feather posted at A DC Birding Blog.

mgopi presents Engineering eBook: Advanced Engineering Mathematics (2nd Edition) posted at E-CYCLOPEDIA – Free ebooks download, ecyclopedia download ebooks free, saying, “This clear, pedagogically rich book develops a strong understanding of the mathematical principles and practices that today’s engineers need to know. Equally as effective as either a textbook or reference manual, it approaches mathematical concepts from an engineering perspective, making physical applications more vivid and substantial. Its comprehensive instructional framework supports a conversational, down-to-earth narrative style, offering easy accessibility and frequent opportunities for application and reinforcement.”

new book release

Kingsley Tagbo presents How To Improve Your Skills And Get A Lucrative Job posted at HOW TO LEARN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FAST OR GET A JOB EASILY.

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  1. When is your next carnival?

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