What Really Matters

By Clary Lopez,author of Simplicity, Richness of Life

It’s not that you care but that it’s enough you care
It’s not that you are happy with your life but that you are happy to live your life
It’s not that you are glad to see another sunset but that you look forward to another sunrise
It’s not that you are glad to be alive but that you life your life to the max
It’s not that you have a dream but that you believe your dreams can come true
It’s not that you know what you want in life but that you fight for what you want until you get it
It’s not that people love who you are but that you love yourself more than all of them put together
What really matters in the end is that you are true to yourself for not being true will kill your spirit


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2 responses to “What Really Matters

  1. photospoems

    this is such an enticing read, alluring in a way that it makes you really look at yourself as one outside of the rest and it also stops me in my tracks every time I read it because it is truth that we have souls, spirits, our true life lines if its ok to say. That channel from our hearts to our brains, that many of us let go of in our daily walks, not being true to ourselves and killing our spirits.

    What does the bible say, “That we have to love ourselves before we can love anyone else”

    Something like that. I’ve said this many times before, I look at life as a chain of connected links. Our spirits are all connected only if where connected to our creator.

    If we are not connected to him as through faith and love, we don’t know how to love ourselves and be able to do

    “What Really Matters”

    When we find that connection and accept it and believe it as the life line connecting to our creator,
    God will bestow upon all of us our gifts.

    Only then we have to listen, keeping the spirit alive, not killing it he will guide us down the right paths, giving us freewill to use those gifts.

    Does this make any sense…lol

    I like what you have said here Clary.

    “What Really Matters”

    Being true to ourselves, That link will never open up, separating us from the rest. We will alway be connected.

    Love You, Clary…Nice prose, thank you for sharing.

    Arthur Henn

  2. Good advice, Clary!

    Sometimes when life gets stressful it can be difficult to remember what matters.

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