On Gaining New Fans

This past weekend, I braved the cold and set up a booth in the parking lot of our local inn along with other vendors selling items for gift giving or holiday decorating or eating. It was about 52 degrees at the warmest.

I gave away Deadly Omen, the first in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series. It’s amazing how suspicious people are when you offer something for free. Once it was clear I was the author of all the books setting on my table, and I really was giving the book for free, attitudes changed. Some folks even bought other books.

Probably the most exciting was giving away books to two Native American women who live on the reservation. The reservation is the one I write about though, as I assured them, it is greatly fictionalized. They were thrilled to hear what I was writing about and to receive a free book.

On Monday, I gave away more copies of Deadly Omen, this time to students at our local high school. I’d been asked to come and talk to two Marketing classes (never had such a class when I went to high school) about how I promote my books. One class is learning how to create web sites and the other is planning new businesses. Both classes have computers for every student.

At first I told them how my first book was written on a typewriter and every time I rewrote it I had to retype the whole manuscript–all 500 pages. I also explained the old-fashioned process of sending manuscripts by mail. They were amazed. Then I explained the difference of how I write and submit manuscripts nowadays.

From there I went on to tell how I promote my books from physical book launches in the town I live in to virtual book tours on the Internet and everything in-between. I had a great time and they seemed to enjoy it too–laughing at my jokes and asking questions at the end. Hopefully, some of them will actually read my book.

In between the two classes–one was in the morning and one after lunch–I scurried around and did a few errands and a bit of Christmas gift shopping.

An offer to anyone who reads this, I’m giving away a copy of Deadly Omen to anyone who purchases a book from my website http://fictionforyou.com anytime before Christmas. I’ll autograph both books and send them postage free. To do this, you must print out the order form and paypal automatically adds the postage. Also, if you want to order either of the two latest books in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, you’ll need to write the titles in on the order form. Calling the Dead, $11 or Judgment Fire, $10.

Autographed books make great Christmas presents, especially for those who already have everything–or you just don’t know what to give them.


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