Digging a Little Deeper

Today I’m a reflective mood, perhaps because I see no solution to what I’m feeling. Is not easy sometimes to analyze what’s going on in our life and to find solutions and conclusions to the events that present itself. Maybe will help me dig a little deeper to extract the valuable lessons I must learn today.

Excerpt from Simplicity, Richness of Life
(from Flying Like Eagles’ Chapter)

My ability to fly in my dreams made me think about how we can learn to rise above incidences or circumstances that affect our lives. The ability to recognize this and know what to do to in order to rise above these situations could help you live a better life. In the same way, when you stop believing you can rise above, your reality may crush you to a point where you may believe that you will never rise up again.

While we have been raised in a time of wanting desperately to control our life and destiny, at times we don’t have any control over it. Since we are driven and determined, the realization that not everything is going to work the way we want to and that we need to learn from our experiences is not easy. Every episode of our lives is an opportunity to learn and to prove how good a student we are; drawing conclusions from the good and the bad in order to obtain knowledge so that we can handle the situation better the next time around. No experience in our lives should be wasted in pity of heart. Things happen for a reason.

Clary Lopez, author
Simplicity, Richness of Life

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