Publishing Ordeals

The business of publishing a book is not an easy one but one you can be proud of if you learn to do it yourself. Today more and more writers are publishing their own work and succeeding at it. It helps them to know what it takes to produce, publish and promote.

For the last six months I’ve been preparing my next book for publication. It takes time not only because I have to invest in it financially but the details like editing and formatting takes time. I’m not rushing to get my book on the market until it’s perfect (or at least I’ll try) there are always little typos and minor mistakes that you find after the book is published. For some reason you read it so many time that you don’t really see the all the errors, that’s why this time I’m taking breaks in between revisions in order to relax my mind and then right back to the manuscript and keep cleaning it up.

I’ve been able, through various social networks, to find a lot of professionals who facilitate the necessary services needed to produce a high quality book and promotional materials. Since I handle all the marketing as well I’ll be providing the resources on my marketing site, Guerrilla Marketers’s Cafe, to those interested. The site will be going through a transformation in the next 4-6 months, so please check on it and visit it regularly to find out what we’ll have to offer.

In the meantime is time to get back to revising the manuscript and making it the best I can for my readers.

Next time you pick a book on your hands think of the many hours, days, months and years that took to get it to that level and into print so that you could enjoy it for a few days. Be kind to your books and when you are done either rate it high enough to add it to your bookshelves or pass it on to someone who could truly appreciate it.

Curl up in bed with a book, I do every night.

Happy reading.

Clary Lopez, author
Simplicity – Richness of Life

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  1. krissnp

    interesting and relevant. Your book is a fiction or..?

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