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Digging a Little Deeper

Today I’m a reflective mood, perhaps because I see no solution to what I’m feeling. Is not easy sometimes to analyze what’s going on in our life and to find solutions and conclusions to the events that present itself. Maybe will help me dig a little deeper to extract the valuable lessons I must learn today.

Excerpt from Simplicity, Richness of Life
(from Flying Like Eagles’ Chapter)

My ability to fly in my dreams made me think about how we can learn to rise above incidences or circumstances that affect our lives. The ability to recognize this and know what to do to in order to rise above these situations could help you live a better life. In the same way, when you stop believing you can rise above, your reality may crush you to a point where you may believe that you will never rise up again.

While we have been raised in a time of wanting desperately to control our life and destiny, at times we don’t have any control over it. Since we are driven and determined, the realization that not everything is going to work the way we want to and that we need to learn from our experiences is not easy. Every episode of our lives is an opportunity to learn and to prove how good a student we are; drawing conclusions from the good and the bad in order to obtain knowledge so that we can handle the situation better the next time around. No experience in our lives should be wasted in pity of heart. Things happen for a reason.

Clary Lopez, author
Simplicity, Richness of Life

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Disordered instinct by Gema Moraleja Paz

Disordered instinct

I cleanse my face

with a feeling of nostalgia

that, reflected in my hands,

reaches the moon

as if the sky were clad

in boundless blue

it’s the tireless search

for the steel shining afar

confusing the wide ocean

with the expanse of my hair

raising my eyes and losing myself

far off as if my body

were evaporating into hours and silences

I am like burning mist

that materializes its instincts

in the disordered earth

caressing the skin of death

that, smooth and tiny, slides with the water,

bearing hot footsteps

through the air.




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To my Cafe Gijon by Gema Moraleja Paz

To my Cafe Gijon

A whole lifetime

observing from

a golden dome

the silver and copper

of others, seeking

a halo of outer

beauty and raising

knowledge to it

highest power

with love, that is

my Café Gijón, the love

of my life

my favourite phantom

in this life full of


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beyond by Gema Moraleja Paz


Life that you give me

life that’s exhausted

in a broken hope

that approaches the beyond

a night, two or more

thinking of the decision

that confuses my mind

and advances truth


for when you say yes

you are thinking no

and when calm returns

your head spinning

bedazzled in life’s midst

your heart throbs

thus restraining your soul

the questions of the most secure

or most lost life

you have sown calm

but in any farewell

there is always feeling

as in a raft of overflowing

water like a song

whose superposed words

are delighted and tranquil

awaiting the moment.










©2006 Manuel Quintana Angulo

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Lucia Quintan Moraleja, hija de la Autora: Gema Moraleja Paz

A chip in a ship



A chip in a ship

Flew very high

In the sky…..

And went in a lip

That lids to a ship…

And the rain made

A bip bip

Sound on the train

Or in a aeroplane

Or in a chain………

A bip bip….again.



By Lucia Quintana Moraleja@2007





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Author shows how popular TV can inform as well as entertain

My friend Herbie J Pilato, whose book Bewitched Forever is one of the best in the genre, has two new books out this month: The Bionic Book: The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman Reconstructed, a comprehensive behind-the-scenes history of those two iconic shows (just in time for the new Bionic Woman series on NBC) and Life Story: The Book of Life Goes On, an insightful look at Life Goes On, the first prime time network series to portray issues of adolescence, family values, diversity, prejudice, and physical and mental disabilities in a honest, realistic way. One of the things I love about Herbie’s work is that he takes the discussion of network television to a whole new level. Besides giving us a sense of the time in which shows like Bewitched and the Bionic shows were originally made, they also explore the various social issues that are reflected in these and other popular television shows.“The Bionic and Life Goes On books both expand upon the theme of my previous TV tomes: prejudice,” Herbie explains. “As Samantha was a witch in a mortal world, Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers felt isolated from society as well: they were half-human, half-machine. And Corky and Jesse on Life Goes On were also outside the ‘norm’ of society’s standards. Corky had Down syndrome and Jesse was first diagnosed as HIV-positive and then with full-blown AIDS.The TV themes thread that run through all of my books also have to do with strong family ties, a solid work ethic and true inner power, however we may name it: confidence, compassion, grace, joy and, of course, love. All of those things are stronger than Samantha’s twitch or any number of Steve and Jaime’s various special powers.”Television can inform as well as entertain. That’s not only the key message behind all of Herbie’s titles (his other books include

The Kung Fu Book of Caine), it’s also the focus of his TV and Self-Esteem Seminars, a lecture series he offers to schools, colleges and community and business organizations across the country. It’s a program that strives to bridge the gap between popular culture and academia. “Popular television programs,” says Herbie, “are an untapped resource for education – beyond PBS and The Learning Channel.” Shows like Bewitched, I Love Lucy, All in the Family, Star Trek, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and others can all “teach us to look beyond our differences and to concentrate on what makes us the same.”We talked to Herbie about his books, his seminars and much, much more on last week’s edition of Talking Television with Dave White. If you missed the conversation, click on the link and listen to the archive. You’ll never think of television quite the same again.

Ed Robertson

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What is the Greatest Novel of All Time?

Fall seems like the natural time of year for list making.

Here I have made a list of my favorite novels of all time:

10.  The Prince of Whales, R. L. Fisher (1986)

9.  An Accidental Man, Iris Murdoch (1971)

8.  In the Hand of Dante, Nick Tosches (2002)

7.  A Gun for Sale, Graham Greene (1936)

6.  To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee (1960)

5.  Jazz, Toni Morrison (1992)

4.  Suite Francaise, Irene Nemirovsky (2004-French edition, 2006-English Translation)

3.  Dracula, Bram Stoker (1897)

2.  The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene (1940)

1.  Light in August, William Faulkner (1932)

What books would make your list? 

Follow the link to my blog for further explanations of the choices and the reason for the list:

-D. H. Schleicher, Author of The Thief Maker

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And The Actual Trip

The previous post was supposed to go up two weeks ago but I didn’t do something correctly. So I’m doing two at once.

My head is still spinning from my eight days in Alaska. To get there, hubby and I first spent the night in Fresno so we didn’t have to get up quite so early for my 6 a.m. flight. From Fresno, I flew to Seattle, Seattle to Anchorage. No hotel shuttle so had to take a taxi. My roommate, fellow author and friend, Victoria Heckman, arrived in Alaska a few days earlier and left me a note that she’d gone off to Seward sightseeing. Bouchercon was being held in a convention center two blocks away and after unpacking, I headed there to get registered.

Bright (well not really because it stays dark so long in the a.m) and early on Thursday morning, Victoria and I headed off to the convention center. It was raining and a bit chilly. We were on a panel together in the morning about ethnic detectives, signings followed, and a little later we had author one-on-ones. From that point on we were both free to go to whatever panels we wanted.

Some of the panels I attended were Books to Film; then I learned about DNA and how they are really using it to crack cases; Baker Bob, Alaska’s first serial killer (gruesome); Cold Cases; Forensic Pathology. The three most exciting and entertaining speakers were first, Rescue Swimmer, CPO John Hall, a real life “Guardian”; Fish and Game Biologist, Rick Sinnott who described wildlife encounters; and Mr. Whitekeys who told about the dumbest criminals. There were others, but those were my favorites.

The Special Guest of Honor was Diana Gabaldon and she was a treat to hear. I skipped the next evening’s guest of honor and went to dinner with fellow author and friend, Gayle Wigglesworth and her husband to a great restaurant with a spectacular view of Cook’s Bay and the Sleeping Lady mountain.

Barbara Peters, owner of the Poisoned Pen Book Store and Publishing Co. talked about publishing and bookstores. Most enlightening.

I went to the Awards Banquet and was thrilled when Simon Wood won an Anthony for his short story. The last day I watched Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs perform, and attended the closing ceremony and a Pamyua Concert.

One of the best things about these mystery conventions is renewing friendships and meeting new people.

Now I have to tell you about the really exciting part of my trip. For some reason, no one had figured out what school I was to visit in Wasilla. Also, they wanted me to drive a rental car, which I didn’t want to do. One morning while walking to the convention center, I was complaining about this and a woman I didn’t know asked me where I was going. When I told her, she said she’d take me wherever I wanted to go in Wasilla because that’s where she lived. I took her up on her offer. Her name is Pat Park-Fisher, a wonderful lady.

She drove me to Wasilla and to the home where I was staying. Several years ago, when I came to Left Coast Crime when it was held in Anchorage, I met two Native women, Katina and Amber. Katina invited me to visit her when I came back to Alaska and we kept in touch over the years. I stayed with Katina, had dinner with her family twice, and lots of wonderful visiting time. Her mom told me stories about her childhood living in a remote village and being taken to a mission school to live.

Finally, a school was arranged for me to visit. In the meantime, Pat took me sightseeing in Wasilla including a visit to the Iditarod Headquarters and a reindeer farm. (I learned reindeer are domesticated caribou.)

My visit to Wasilla Middle School began at 7 a.m. when school starts. I was there all day in the library talking to 6th, 7th and 8th graders. I loved every minute of it. We talked about how to write a mystery. The kids were imaginative, excited, and wonderful. Sometimes I had about 50 kids in a group.

The town of Wasilla is medium-sized and has most of the stores you’ll find in the lower 48. What is different is the scenery. The town is in a high valley and surrounded by huge snow-capped mountains. The snow was lower every day, reminding the people who lived there that winter is on the way.

My hostess, Katina worked every day, but we spent our evenings together. The last day, she got off early and took me to the Anchorage Museum and we had our last dinner together (which included reindeer sausage). From there she took me to a hotel close to the airport as my plane left at 6 a.m.

What a fantastic adventure for this great-grandmother!


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Books Carnival – Oct. 21, 2007


Welcome to the October 21, 2007 edition of Books Carnival

mgopi presents E-CYCLOPEDIA – Free ebooks download, ecyclopedia download ebooks free: eBook: How to develop a Super-Power Memory posted at E-CYCLOPEDIA – Free ebooks download, ecyclopedia download ebooks free, saying, “This book provides the techniques to train our brain to improve our concentration and memory to the extreme.”

Tiffany Washko presents The Reincarnationist posted at Zen Mother.

GrrlScientist presents To The Creationists: Even WORDS Evolve! posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “[This link is about some new linguistics data — which may or may not be appropriate for your carnival]
Or; How ‘stode’ became ‘studied’. This piece explores the rate of evolutionary change in languages and finds that these rates of change are similar to the evolutionary rate of genes.”

artThailand presents The First Casualty posted at artThailand.

TherapyDoc presents Calvin and Hobbs and Reality posted at Everyone Needs Therapy.

Joy Miller presents Ivy League universities now offer online degrees and certificates posted at Online College Blog, saying, “Ivy League dreams? Make them a reality. Although you may not be able to physically commute to an Ivy League campus, that shouldn’t keep you from “attending” classes at an Ivy League university.”

book reviews

Joana presents Leonardo?s Shadow by Christopher Grey posted at The Symposium.

mgopi presents EJB 3 in Action: Download FREE e-book now..! posted at E-CYCLOPEDIA – Free ebooks download, ecyclopedia download ebooks free, saying, “EJB 3 in Action is a fast-paced tutorial for both novice and experienced Java developers. It will help you learn EJB 3 and the JPA quickly and easily. This comprehensive, entirely new EJB 3 book starts with a tour of the EJB 3 landscape. It then moves quickly into core topics like building business logic with session and message-driven beans. You’ll find four full chapters on the JPA along with practical code samples, design patterns, performance tuning tips, and best practices for building and deploying scalable applications.”

Norm Goldman, Editor presents A Conversation With Tom Miller Who Has Been Called By The San Francisco Chronicle “One of the Best Non-Fiction Writers.” .: posted at, saying, “Tom Miller discusses his writing career and all about writing.”

Mike Bergin presents Soaring with Fidel posted at 10,000 Birds, saying, “Book review with a response from the author.”

GrrlScientist presents Present at the Future posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “by Ira Flatow, this book is a collection of essays about various topics in science based on his many interviews with scientists over the years.”

SJ Yee presents The FAQ Book on Public Speaking posted at Personal Development for the Book Smart.

Dan presents Interview with Seymour Garte, Author of Where We Stand posted at Migrations, saying, “Posting of an email interview with Seymour Garte, the author of the new book “Where We Stand: A Surprising Look at the Real State of Our Planet.” It’s a great book for anyone interested in science, the environment, and perceptions of the state of both in society at large.”

Living Without Meat / Style Fix presents Kelley Wants to Get “In Your Purse” posted at Style Fix.

mgopi presents XML programming with SQL/XML and XQuery: Download FREE e-book now..! posted at E-CYCLOPEDIA – Free ebooks download, ecyclopedia download ebooks free, saying, “This book describes an integrated database architecture that enables SQL applications with XML extensions as well as XQuery applications to operate on the same data.”

GrrlScientist presents Father Knows Less posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “The new book by Wendell Jamieson, is a father’s delightful and interesting quest to find the answers to his young son’s questions. [book review]”


Michael@TSM presents Fall TSM Travel Writing Contest: Win $125! posted at Traveling Stories Magazine.


ISPF presents A Brain Teaser and a Book Giveaway posted at Grad Money Matters.

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That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
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