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Y mis lágrimas...

trenzas al aire

de un sauce, que

juguetean al paso

del tren... Porque

el verano ya partió.



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Drifting dust by Gema Moraleja Paz book Spines of Salt

Drifting dust (Translation of ‘Polvo errante’, p. 14 in Espinas de sal)


Silencing the drifting dust

I am a miner of fate

and pierce your subconscious

to thresh your forgetting,

I nourish your thought

with an adornment of stars

and pour out the heavens

so that your lips

may drink directly

from the fields of the universe.

As above, so below,

everything’s transformed,

life, trees, people, cities,

we are all dust,

drifting dust of coagulated seed

in the belly of the clouds

that turns to liquid

to moisten souls.

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Espinas de Sal por Gema Moraleja Paz

Need   (Translation of ‘Necesidad’, p. 13 in Espinas de sal)


When I draw near the moon

I describe its eyes

of an intimate and passive blue,

I let the ray of light pass

through the window of my soul

and am transported to a peace,

a rest, an illustration

from an inert tale

whose characters gaze out at me,

and I awake in the clear night

seeking, from need and

longing, the blue of its eyes,

the faultiness of its outline,

the perfection of its essence,

the delicacy of its pale complicity…

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expo-recital en la SGA Sociedad General de Autores de Madrid, os recomienda: Gema Moraleja Paz

Hola a todos

Como os comentamos el lunes pasado, este año venimos cargados de eventos. Empezamos el proximo jueves 25 de octubre con una expo-recital en la SGAE (Sociedad General de Autores). En el siguiente email os diremos quienes sois los poetas seleccionados para tal evento. Los demás no os preocupeis porque este año vais a participar TODOS. Como el año pasado, los pintores debeis llevar un cuadro cuya medida no supere los 80 cms de ancho, y por favor ceñiros a esta medida porque recordar que el escenario es pequeño y de lo contrario no cabran todos. Como es nuestro objetivo, cada poeta leerá tres poemas de lo cuales uno debe estar dedicado a un cuadro por lo que recomendamos a los pintores que el próximo lunes y siguientes lleven el cuadro elegido al objeto de que los poetas seleccionados puedan crear poemas.

Os seguiremos contando

Versos Pintados

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Versos Pintados,tertulia literaria en el cafe gijon de pintores y escritores, socia doña Gema Moraleja Paz os recomienda….

Hola Gema

En esta ocasión hemos pensado en ti para recitar tus poemas en la SGAE. No se si podrás venir a Madrid en cuyo caso hemos pensado que sea LIa la que leea tus poemas. Asi que elige tres y nos los envias

Un beso


Versos Pintados

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Portraits in the Dark compared to a train wreck?

A review of Portraits in the Dark has been posted by Multiverse Reviews. Read on:

“Portraits in the Dark” reminds me of a train wreck; you really don’t want to watch it happening, but you just can’t help yourself. The main reason why you don’t want to watch it is because it makes you look at your own human nature. This 78 page book contains a collection of nine short stories. Each one has a touch of darkness and in some a touch of the supernatural. Sometimes, you are uncertain if there is actually supernatural involvement or if the person is just insane.

I found myself caught up in these stories. My biggest disappointment was that they are short stories. I wanted more! Ms. Greene has a talent for drawing you in and getting you hooked, but since the story is short, she quickly lets you go. I was very impressed with her ability to do this. She rapidly gets to the heart of the story, and envelopes you in its darkness.

Each tale has its own flavor and stands well by itself. Her talent allows you to dwell in the mind of an insane person, or suffer along with someone that is being afflicted by an evil being. Of course some stories combine both elements. She covers a variety of topics, and torments. Jealousy, lust, and greed are dominating elements that she includes in most of the stories.

Because it is a short book, it is perfect for taking on a trip. You can read it, enjoy it and not have to worry about not being able to finish it when you get back. I would much rather enjoy reading a well written, emotional collection of these tales, than an overly priced, advertisement ridden magazine while I am traveling or waiting somewhere. If you enjoy horror, do not miss out on this one!

5 out of 5 spaceships

September 9, 2007

Portraits in the Dark
Author: Nancy O. Greene
Release Date: August 9, 2006
Genre: Horror/Short Fiction
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Pages: 78
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 0595392806
Reviewer: Paige Lovitt

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Multiverse Reviews.

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La felicidad, no se compra por Gema Moraleja Paz

Es una filosofia de vida y una disposicion sincera.Ser fiel a uno mismo es un deber, no una obligacion.

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