Books Carnival


Welcome to the September 12, 2007 edition of Books Carnival.

It has been a busy summer and fall is on its way. Take the time to check for new books and reviews to make your book selections for the months ahead. We hope you have enjoyed this time with your families and friends.

chapterlibrary presents DoAT – B1 – Ch 1 – Old Friends Meet. A Rude Interruption. posted at Chapter Library, saying, “Dragons of Autumn Twilight Chapter 1”

chapterlibrary presents DoAT – B1 – Ch2 – Return to the Inn. A Shock. The Oath is Broken. posted at Chapter Library, saying, “Dragons of Autumn Twilight Chapter 2”

chapterlibrary presents DoAT – B1 – Ch. 4 – The Open Door. Flight into Darkness. posted at Chapter Library, saying, “Dragons of Autumn Twilight Chapter 4”

Laura Young presents Are You Writing A Book Based on Your Life? Tips from an Author posted at Dragon Slayer, saying, “As a contributing author to several books, I wanted to share some insights I gained from the writing process for those of you with writing projects of your own.”

Jon Swift presents Harry Potter Is a Brat posted at Jon Swift, saying, “Harry Potter is a terrible role model. He is a petulant, self-pitying brat who routinely breaks rules that he believes don’t apply to him.”

Cade Krueger presents Rich Dad, Poor Dad posted at Write To Right.

book reviews

chapterlibrary presents DoAT – Canticle of the Dragon and The Old Man posted at Chapter Library, saying, “Dragons of Autumn Twilight Prologue”

chapterlibrary presents DoAT – B1 – Ch3 – Knight of Solamnia. The Old Man?s Party posted at Chapter Library, saying, “Dragons of Autumn Twilight Chapter 3”

chapterlibrary presents DoAT – B1 – Ch. 5 – Farewell to Flint. Arrows Fly. Message in the Stars posted at Chapter Library, saying, “Dragons of Autumn Twilight Chapter 5”

John Ottinger presents Book Review: Fast Food Nation posted at Grasping For The Wind.

mark cutler presents 5 Books I Love About American Design posted at Mark Cutler Design, saying, “I thought you might enjoy my article on 5 books i love about american design. Its part of a weekly post i do on my design blog.”

Sheyna Galyan presents Interview: Amy Cohen, author of “The Late Bloomer’s Revolution” posted at Books and Beliefs, saying, “Book review of Amy Cohen’s “The Late Bloomer’s Revolution” (Hyperion, July 2007) by author Sheyna Galyan.”

blue skelton presents JK Rowling Interview posted at The Literary Junkie.

Praveen presents Improve Your Business Writing posted at My Simple Trading System.

Renata Vincoletto presents > systemcall dot org » Book: Elementary Cryptanalysis: A Mathematical Approach posted at > systemcall dot org.

Wayne Hurlbert presents Funny Business by Allen Rosenshine – Book review posted at Blog Business World, saying, “Finding career and business advice from Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton, and the Mob all in one book is rare. Discovering that every story where the sharing of those sage thoughts is hilarious in itself, is a very rare treat. The advertising industry may be one of the largest and most influential in the world, but it is also a barrel of laughs, and operates in its own off kilter style, according to legendary advertising agency CEO Allen Rosenshine. He shares tales of fun and laughter, blended with superb business advice, in his book
Funny Business: Moguls, Mobsters, Megastars, And the Mad, Mad World of the Ad Game.”

TherapyDoc presents How to Talk to a Widower–Grieving and Drugging posted at Everyone Needs Therapy, saying, “It’s a new Jonathan Tropper book. I had an advance publisher’s copy.”

Jimson Lee presents 10 Ways to Make It Great! A Framework for Success for Coaches posted at, saying, “A book review of “10 Ways to Make It Great!” written by Phil Gerbyshak”

Sheyna Galyan presents The Optimistic Jew posted at Books and Beliefs, saying, “Review of Israeli author Tsvi Bisk’s new release, “The Optimistic Jew: a Positive Vision for the Jewish People in the 21st Century””

Amanda presents Secrets of a Fire King, by Kim Edwards posted at She Has Moxie.

Jeremy Hobbs presents Harry Potter and the The Deathly Hallows posted at Jeremy’s Consumer’s Corner.

new book release

presents Harry Potter and the Shouters posted at

silic0nsilence presents Harry Potter posted at The Blog of silic0nsilence.

Daniel Condurachi presents The History of Blessing – new book graphic design [] posted at Daniel Condurachi’s Blog.

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