The Next Level on Reader’s Website


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Clary Lopez
email: – The Next Level on Reader’s Website

A brand new concept in reader’s website is opening at Guerrilla Marketer’s Cafe is taking the concept of reader’s website and reviewing books to the next level.

“Book reviewing should be fun and rewarding” – Clary Lopez

Last year, Guerrilla Marketer’s Cafe was looking to help their numerous authors with a whole new concept in book promotion and they finally found it.

A new service has been established at Guerrilla Marketer’s Cafe for all its members, it’s called; a brand new site to promote books by attracting readers who enjoy writing book reviews. The concept is a unique combination on book reviews and been eligible to win rewards. The rewards are gifts provided by the authors, and their official sponsors.

The site also counts with a community area in which the readers and the authors can participate to get to know each other, participate in contests and much more. The site will also have a whole section on professional services and gift service available to its members in the near future.

“According to the popularity that community websites is making these days we expect to get a good reception from book lovers in general. The site mission is to become the bridge within the reader’s community at large and new and talented authors and their work. I believe we have a win-win situation with the launch of,” said Clary Lopez, CEO/Founder.

For more information on how you can start reviewing new books and be rewarded, visit


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