What I’ve Been Reading, and Planning a New Book

Besides the latest Harry Potter, I also read James Lee Burke’s, The Tin Roof Blowdown and Wm. Kent Krueger’s, Thunder Bay. Both author’s are master’s at writing description of places. Burke’s book is set during and after Hurricane Katrina and description of the devastation of New Orleans was difficult to read. Usually in Burke’s books, which are usually realistic and bloody, the contrast of the action with the beauty of his descriptions of the countryside make the books easier to read. Not so with this one. Just the same I couldn’t put it down.

I’ve read everyone of Kent Krueger’s books and loved them all. He writes about Native Americans like I do and does it extremely well. They are all exciting and I’ve grown to know and love the characters in his series.

It’s hard to find time to read when I’m in the midst of promoting a new book and trying to start writing another. I belong to a critique group that meets every week and I don’t have anything to read there yet. I’m just in the stages of figuring out where I want to take Tempe, who is going to be killed, who is going to do it, who else might have done it, and the reasons why. I also want to add a bit of Native American mysticism as I do in most of her adventures, but not sure exactly what will work best.

So, instead of planning my book, doing research as I should be, I’ve been reading instead–when I’m not doing some sort of promoting.

To celebrate my birthday, we headed to Oxnard and our oldest daughter and her hubby took us to a play in Ventura, “Rotten Apple.” It was interesting and funny in spots. Precious Chong was one of the stars (daughter of Chong of Cheech and Chong fame.) The next day, I participated in the Ventura Book Festival. That was fun though a bit long. I was delighted to see my good friend, Becca Buckley, who is also the founder of Wizards of Words. http://www.wizardsofwords.org/

In September I’m headed for Tampa FL (hoping a hurricane won’t be heading there at the same time–did that with Hurricane Isabel and everything that we had planned was cancelled and we spent an exciting night, waking up to a house surrounded by water and our rental car floating away) to the Wizards of Words writing conference which will be the 14th and 15th. Along with many other speakers, I’ll be giving a presentation on How to Write a Mystery, and another on Electronic Publishing.

I also visited a bit with Michael Mehas, author of Stolen Boy, http://www.michaelmehas.com/home.htm This man know how to promote! Everything he does is so professional. It’s interesting to me that his book was published by iUniverse, since he probably could have found any New York publisher to do it for him. However, I suspect that iUniverse was able to get it out faster–and he certainly has more control.

I did a presentation on Putting Life Into Your Characters–unfortunately, the time was only about 20 minutes which isn’t long enough for such an important talk. They assured me they would change the time schedule for next year.

In the evening, hubby, daughter Dana and I drove over to youngest daughter Lori’s house where we had a wonderful homemade Mexican dinner. We played the crazy game, Estimation–also known as Screw Your Neighbor–and laughed a lot. We were still celebrating my birthday and had ice cream and cake.

After breakfast the next morning with assorted members of our family, we headed back to Springville and the hot weather.

Still promoting Judgment Fire. Http://fictionforyou.com

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  1. Marilyn – I agree with you about James Lee Burke – one of my all time favourites! Blowdown isn’t published yet in the UK, but I’ve just read Pegasus Descending. His ability to create compelling, dramatic scenes – while writing poetic descriptions of the countryside in which the action takes place – is second-to-none. He also seems to be getting more political as he gets older, so I’ll be interested to read what he makes of the whole Katrina situation.

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