Choosing Your Books


I’ve built up a pretty size library here at my home. As I go to the bookstore, discount stores, garage sales or the Good Will Book Store I try to look for gems to add to my private collection. When it comes time to choose I go by what my needs are at the moment. For years it was educational purposes what I needed to attend since I homeschool my kids, so I kept my eye open for books we could use to supplement the curriculum. Now that I have most of the books I need for educational purposes and the kids are soon to graduate I’m cleaning out the shelves for classical and best selling books. I also like to have history and art books around.

I have three different areas in which I keep books; the study, my bedroom, and my office. In the study I keep all the educational and reference books. That’s the area where the kids go when they need to work on something. In my bedroom I have a small three shelf bookcase with all of my spiritual books and in my office all the books that has to do with my work, writing, fiction and travel writing. I also keep my magazines, notebooks and journals.

When it comes to choosing which book to read next I go by the mood I’m in or the time of the year. People love to pick up fiction set in a Christmas time during the Christmas season and books then you have fantastic stories set during the summer time or travel setting that attract readers that time of the year as well.

Now that summer is over I won’t have that much time to read anymore even though I eliminated television viewing in order to gain time to do so. I’m not sure what I will be reading next but I’m loving to read poetry lately and that is something that doesn’t take that much time. I might pick up one of two fiction books in order to get better at writing a story someday.

So share with me how do you go about choosing your books and influences you to purchase certain books. Are you going to be able to read much this fall season?

Clary Lopez, Author
Simplicity – Richness of Life


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2 responses to “Choosing Your Books

  1. I usually read a fiction and non-fiction book simultaneously. I have 6 in the queue to read right now. My non-fiction books are mostly political (being a political junkie), martial arts (my passion) or Christian tomes (to supplement my bible studies in which I’m terribly delinquent). My fiction selection tends to be crime, detective, and murder mysteries. My favorite authors in this genre are Lawrence Block, Robert Parker, and Elmore Leonard. I’ll read others outside this genre if highly recommended by friends. I recently finished Ted Dekker’s Circle trilogy that I enjoyed immensely. I also love Christopher Moore and Terry Pratchett who write hillarious parodies of the fantasy, macabre and sci-fi genres.

  2. Thanks for sharing Tony, I do read about three books at a time. Interesting to know that others do the same.

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