To Self-Publish or Not To Self-Publish

The debate still rages on the viability of self-publishing through POD (print-on-demand) outfits.

I recently weighed in on the topic.  Also of special note to those who have used iUniverse specifically, I discuss a fellow author who provides wonderful, in depth reviews of iUniverse titles and recently featured my novel, The Thief Maker. 

See Below:


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4 responses to “To Self-Publish or Not To Self-Publish

  1. racheloliver89

    Personally I believe self publishing can be beneficial and cost effective for authors. is a website that allows an author to publish, list and, print his/her book. The benefit of this site is that when the book is sold full royalties are given to the author minus shipping and printing.

  2. Self publishing is the playground of the entrepeneur author. We retain creative control and profit. It’s the stuff of American small business entrepeneurship. Obviously having the distribution and marketing apparatus of the conventional publishing industry would be nice but that business model is facing obsolescence. They’re a huge machine to contend with as they circles their wagons to protect their interests. The theory that self-publishing floods the market with “sub-standard” work is not only espoused by them, but in the free market is irrelevant. The same could be said for any other product. The consumer should ultimately decide, not the ellitist agents and publishing houses.

  3. Spell check attack! LOL. Uh, make that “circle their wagons”.

  4. Tonyhubble-interesting take. I think you are partly right…most consumers don’t care or know enough about it to realize some books are self-published and some are not–they just want to be entertained. Their indifference could be the great equalizer.

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