More on the Frustrations of an Author

Being an author is a nerve wracking profession. My launch party for Judgment Fire was scheduled for Saturday, August 11 at the Visitors Center in Springville CA. So I started tracking the progress via UPS. They arrived in California on Tuesday. They arrived on Wednesday. Hooray! Two newspapers had publicity about the signing on Thursday.

The Visitors Center was a perfect place for a book signing. Lots of room, interesting things for people to look at and a volunteer docent for me to talk to when things were quiet. Nearly everyone I sent a personal invitation to came and I sold 17 books which is very good for that kind of event.

The first Saturday of the month I was on a panel at the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime. Of course I’d hoped to have the books by then. The two other authors and I spoke about our journeys to getting published. One gal had been published by a small independent and things hadn’t worked out well for her. Another chose the iUniverse route and was quite pleased with her book and it’s been selling well. I’ve been published many ways, beginning with a New York publisher. The editor who loved the book left and the new editor didn’t want to publish the second book. I found a publisher for it–and the man who ran the company turned out to be a crook. Yes, he actually went to jail. I was able to sell all the books they printed. I began writing mysteries and the first one was published by another crook–this one fled the company. The 50 books that had been published, sold out at the first book signing. A small independent publisher republished the book with a new cover and all those books were sold.

The same publisher went on to publish the first four books in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series. Sadly, she passed away. In between times, I’d discovered electronic publishers who also print in trade paperback and had other books published. When my series publisher gone, I had to find another. This time I wanted a publisher who was savvy about the publishing business and was more than a one man show. That’s why I chose Mundania Press for Calling the Dead. Fortunately, Mundania liked my writing as well as I liked their business sense.

I have books published by two other electronic publishers, Hard Shell Word Factory and Tigress Press–both excellent publishers.

While all this is going on, husband and I have agreed to house a grandson who has had problems. This is the second grandson with whom we’ve shared our home. The first one we had from the time he was 11 until he was 20. This one we’re starting with at age 20. Wish us luck.

Next Saturday, the 18th, I’m heading to Hanford CA and the Artworks on 120 West. 6th St. I’ll be there from 9 a.m. to noon with my friend and fellow mystery author, Sunny Frazier. On Saturday the 26th I’ll be in Ventura for a Book Festival at the Universalist Unitarian Church on Ralston Ave.

Of course, anyone interested in knowing anything about any of my books can always check them out on my webpage:

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