Getting Ready for a New School Year

The fall season is almost here, in just a few weeks our kids will be headed back to school. Some of them will be excited that they are finally entering high school and others will dread the moment one more time. It’s a new adventure every year as we make sure they are well educated, and have the proper nutrituion and activities to keep them healthy. We can go overboard sometimes and over commit their time and our own. Everyone in the family can be affected if we do so and that’s why I try to keep a balance of what the family do as a whole.

Kids need to be their families more than they need to be with their peers. The time they spend with their parents is integral to their formation as individuals. We only have them for eighteen years, sometimes more if they go to a local college in town. After that they are pretty much on their own -if we are lucky- and ready to take on the world. As parents it is our duty to teach them how to be better citizens and contributors to our society. Things like learning to care for the home, fix their cars, open a checking account, having their first credit cards, mantaining good credit, buying clothes and fixing them, savings and investing are some of the things they can learn before they leave the home.

In order to get our life in order there are some aspects we need to keep in mind. In my book Simplicity – Richness of Life I speak about the key ingredients to have a healthy balance. Most importantly I don’t forget the importance for parents to take time for themselves, create rooms of their own, dreams, goals and more. I usually reread the book before the new school year begins as a reminder not to go overboard in what we do. Simplicity is not something you do once and forget about it, every year changes according to your kids age and your family needs and situations.

I want to wish you a wonderful new school year and may you and your family get the very best of it!

Clary Lopez, Author
Simplicity – Richness of Life

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