Entries for my contest to come up with a vicitm and/or murderer for my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery came from as far away South Africa. There were so many good ones, I had a difficult time deciding. It was so much fun. I had a hard time deciding, but finally my decision was based on what I thought I could use for this next book.

Because there are so many good ones with ideas I might use in future books, I’m going to award more than one first prize–and a few consolation prizes.

First prize and the winner of all the books goes to two people. The first is Brent Gill. He had wonderful ideas for both the victim and murderer.

A second first prize winner will receive same set of books will also go to Brian Baker–who came up with another great idea for the book–one I can hopefully combine with the first one.

Second prize goes to Shirley Palmer. She came up with a name for a character that I am going to use. I’ll be sending her four books in the series.

I am also sending a copy of Deadly Omen to Priyanka Holsinger, Carol Pharr, Johnny Saunders who each came up with some wonderful ideas–and who knows, they may somehow wind up in a Deputy Tempe Crabtree book one day.

I want to thank everyone else who took the time to submit ideas: Gloria Vigil, Harriet Queen, Lorna and Larry, Larry W. Chavis, Lucille Robinson, Neville Thompson Sue McGinty, Maureen Emmons, and Debra Guyette.

Believe me, every entry was wonderful and imaginative and I had a hard time deciding. Of course, I had to decide what I could work with.

My next book will be dedicated to each of you. Now I have to get to work. I was just waiting to begin until I made up my mind which of you was the winner!

I’m doing a Virtual Book Tour for Judgment Fire which will be out from Mundania Press in a few days. Stop by one or more of these places to learn more.

August 1 – The Writers Life
August 2 – Plug Your Book
August 3 – The Story Behind the Books
August 6 – Pump Up Your Book Promotion
August 7 – As the Page Turns
August 9 – Be My Guest!
August 10 – W.O.W
August 14 – Boomer Chick
I’ll put the rest on when I do my next BookDen Post.


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  1. I’m so glad that the contest was so well received by readers, no better than them to help you generate some new interesting characters and situations for your new books. Wishing you continous success.

    Clary Lopez

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