Finding My Voice

(Originally posted on my blog)

I got serious about writing eight years ago, before that writing was just a way to stay alive. I wrote in journals for the most part in order to sort my emotions and ideas. There comes a time in every writer’s life when the need to share their work with world is scary. We worry if the readers will accept or not what we have to share with them. For the longest time I thought who cares about the struggles of young mom and wife as she raises her children. The reality was that many women were going through the same things I was. I met them at the store, at the gym, at church and at work. They all have the same goal in mind; to be a good mom and still do their job inside or outside the home.

Finding my voice has been a journey, I don’t quite know what it is I want to concentrate in. I have so many interests that to choose one is kind of confinding. As my life evolves I find myself with a great need to share the different facets of my personal journey. I’m not in one place for a very long time and I learn and grow with each challenge and trial, I guess this is why they call it growing pains. The categories my writing fall under the most are self-help, inspirational and memoir, but I really don’t feel either one of those describes my niche. If could create a whole new genre it would be Self Awareness, the art of being, I think that describes exactly what I try to do with my writing. It is the wonderings of our mind and as we explore our inner self that we become who we are and ultimately what we are meant to be. Nobody can do it or force it on us, this is a journey where we decide we are ready to begin.

So is this new genre something that can be feasible to me as a writer? I would like to think so because it encapsules everything that I’m going through and will carry me well into the future.

Clary Lopez

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