Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – What’s in a succesful series

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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows anticipation is over and the followed success on the series it’s a amazing. As a writer I have always been intrigued about what makes a good series and how to create something unique. J.K. Rowling has done an excellent job at creating something out of this world. I would love for her to write a book about how she managed to create the series and how her ideas were developed to such extent.

In her interview with MSNBC Rowlings explained why she decided to have her first book reading with kids. The book reading is the usual book promotion she does when she releases a new book.

On the other hand I would like to know from readers what makes a good series.

There is a possibility to create a series with any kind of genre as done by Nora Roberts. She has succesfully created various series for romance readers and the romantic suspence In Death Series under the pseudonym of J.D. Robb. In The Official Nora Roberts Companion we get a glimpse of what her books contains in addition to an upclose and personal section and her career.

I hope that J.K Rowlings takes the time to write a book to give her readers a personal glimpse at the creator of this fabulous series. To me it is of upmost importance that succesful authors reach out not only to readers but to other writers as well. Many have done an excellent job, like Stephen King with On Writing, to help others in the beautiful craft of writing.

Clary Lopez

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