Summer Activities

I’ve been pretty busy this summer and am happy to say that many of my activities are proving fruitful. In the past couple of weeks, my book’s sales ranking has continued to improve substantially–at one time reaching 48,000 at the point I checked it; not bad out of the 4,000,000+ books listed on the site!

There are still other things that need to be done, writing and promoting and the like. So back to work.

Here’s hoping the Summer season is treating you well!

Nancy O. Greene

sellsheet_cover.PNG Everything’s Eventual

Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King and Portraits in the Dark by Nancy O. Greene on Amazon.


Portraits in the Dark on Barnes and

Portraits in the Dark through BookSense.

The Writers’ Block


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2 responses to “Summer Activities

  1. I think I would be very obsessive about things like Amazon rankings, etc. I check my blog numbers, I watch for when people seem to be reading my blog, what postings they like more than others…it can be maddening.

    And at the same time I’m supposed to be working on writing projects, scribbling away while my muse whispers and cajoles. The internet is a helpful tool but it can also be a bane…

  2. It can be like that sometimes! I suppose it’s just a matter of doing what you need to do and managing one’s time.

    Thanks for the comment.

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