On Writing Conferences

I just spent last weekend in Reno with members of the board of directors for the Public Safety Writers Conference. Among other chores, we talked about next year’s writers’ conference. PSWA is an organization for anyone who is or was involved in the public safety field or who writes about same in either non-fiction or fiction.

At this time, most of the members are active duty or retired police officers though there are others, like me, who write fiction about law enforcement. I write two series, one is about a female deputy sheriff and the other about a police department in a small beach community in California. (For more details, visit my website: http://fictionforyou.com A 911 dispatcher writes for law enforcement magazines. Some of the members have written short stories, others memoirs. To learn more about this group, visit the website at http://www.policewriter.com

Another conference I’m involved with that will be the Wizards of Words Conference this coming September 14-15 in Tampa FL. This conference is for all types of writing and authors with 21 presenters in all. For more information go to: http://www.wizardsofwords.org/tampa.html
At this particular conference, I’ll be giving a presentation on Murder for Fun and Profit–or how to write a mystery. I’ll also be talking about e-publishing. One of my publishers will be at the conference also: Mundania Press, represented by Dan Reitz and Bob Sanders. WOW is another supportive writing organization. For membership information: http://www.wizardsofwords.org/

Much work and planning is put into writing conferences in the hopes that every attendee will find something to help him or her in the pursuit of getting published or honing their writing skills. One thing I can guarantee, is going to any writer’s conference will inspire you to write–and you’ll also make a whole lot of new friends who are interested in writing.

If you decide to attend the WOW conference, be sure to introduce yourself to me.


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