Book Clubs and More on Conventions

The latest in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, Calling the Dead finds Tempe investigating a murder that looks like death from natural causes and a murder that might not be one. Tempe investigates both cases on her own time and without sanction from her superiors jeopardizing her job and her marriage when she uses Native American ways to call back the dead to learn the truth.

I’d be delighted to have a book club read and discuss this book or any of my others. I live in the Central Valley of California and I’m willing to travel to Southern California or into the Sacramento area.

I recently attended Mayhem in the Midlands in Omaha which is a mystery convention as opposed to a writers’ conference. It was great fun because hubby and I have attended this particular con every year and have made good friends of both readers and authors. Mayhem is good for authors because it is put on by librarians and many of the attendees are readers. Every author has at least two opportunities to talk about their book on a panel or as a moderator of a panel or a 20 minute conversation time.

Next on my agenda is a trip to Reno NV to meet with the board of directors of the Public Safety Writers Association as we plan our agenda for the coming year including the writers’ conference–which is just that a conference for writers–and this one is for people writing fiction and non-fiction about and for law enforcement or any other public safety entities.

Every convention or conference has its own attributes–and there are conventions out there for every sort of writer and reader from romance to fantasy.


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