Recently, I heard the sad news that author Elaine Viets had a stroke. This is hard to imagine as Elaine is young, vibrant and healthy-looking. Hearing something like this is a reminder that we need to use our time wisely as we may not have as much to waste as we think. Fortunately, she is recovering, though it will take some time.

Life is too short to fret about the little things or harbor bad thoughts. We need to let those we love know how much we appreciate them before it’s too late. I don’t want to sound morbid, but too often I’ve talked to people who told me they wished they’d done or said something to someone before it was too late.

Right now I’m appreciating my sister who I was able to visit this past weekend. Our 97 year old mother was living with sis when she passed away. Sis is the executor of her estate (such as it is) and is stuck with trying to figure out how things are to be divided between the two of us. I’m quite happy that she has that task and will be just as happy with whatever she does.

For many years mom lived with me, but when my sis decided to move to Vegas, mom wanted to go with her. She came and stayed with us for a month or two, but most she was with sis. Fortunately, last summer, my sis planned a cruise for all of her kids, grandkids and greats and mom was included. I tagged along as it was a perfect opportunity to spend some time with mom as well as my sis’s family. I’m so glad I did, since it was the last time I got to be with her.

On a lighter note, I am thrilled to report that I’m the Author of the Month on Go to and click on my name for a fun interview.

Give your loved ones a hug and do something fun with them.


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