Summer Activities

The hot season is on its way, and now is the perfect time to plan to finish that novel, collection of short stories, or other writing project that has been put off during the winter months.

Many writers find that the summer allows for more free time. Instead of procrastinating, why not carry a notebook with you to the beach, or use your vacation to explore and find inspiration, wherever you may end up.

Use photography to spur the imagination, go for long walks around the neighborhood or in the park, and take the time to figure out the next turn of the project you have in mind.

Whatever fellow artists decide to do this summer, I hope that it’s a productive one, full of joyous activity and creativity.
Nancy O. Greene

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One response to “Summer Activities

  1. Great idea! I usually take a lot of pictures and many times they spark the creativity I need for my writing. I post them a lot on blogs which I used to promote my books and writing. When readers see how you develop an entry many times they are moved to check your books as well. I’ve made many sales in that manner.

    Clary Lopez

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