Gema Moraleja Paz “We were born to die”

We were born to die


We were born to die

to learn on this planet

through trial after trial,

don’t take it seriously

they’re only trials

to test your soul, you decided

to come, don’t you remember, if you had

to recall all the previous lives

all the misdeeds

and the good deeds, there would be no

sense in coming to this world

with an instruction manual, we would already know what

to do, it would be like copying in an exam

at university or at school,

we would have the answers that others

pass us, to pass on in turn,

in a university of the earth, if they

can pass you the questions of an exam

because the exam’s the same for everyone

at the university the masses have no

opinion, they just pass written exams

set by the system, in the university

of life, what human brings must grasp

is that each one has a personalized exam,

that’s why we usually fail when we copy from

others, because amid the multitude we must

seek our own treasure, our own secret,

must find our personal illumination or our

personal happiness, our private plot where

only you and God know why you’re here, you

planned it, remember? No, you don’t remember, but we’re born

to die in a physical, fictitious body, fear not,

nothing you see is real, matrix is not very far

from where you are, don’t despair when something doesn’t

work out well, don’t worry when someone does the dirty

on you, the one who’s lost is he not you, become invisible,

let him pass, give him a chance to make amends,

treat him well and the anger will dissolve and you’ll raise your vibration,

the other person will vanish as if by magic, for

the magic of dying and being born

of being born and dying is that we’re constantly changing

our garments, the costumes of life’s great theatre. No one

is better or worse but in appearance, remember:

we’re caterpillars and will all be butterflies, others are still

larvae, and there’s a constant flow of souls coming and going

learning not to copy from others’ exams…


gema moraleja paz (gen-mora).


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