Gema Moraleja Paz “holy thirst”

Holy thirst


You come from a distant dusk

that follows a lava flow

on a lonely accursed


Returned from everything

along a path set

in the void, carved from stone

with vigour and tears,

weary, it reposes.

Enclosed in a mould

of moulded wax,

predetermined by the gods,

with the vapour, the heat,

the love and the sweat,

it melts and mists over.


Drawing me feverishly onwards

my soul, dragged and bleeding,

navigates without rigging, without any weapon

or sword to conceal my calm.


I navigate on the wings of a

boat with crystal anchors

that, roving, nourishes dreams

in a life of heavenly powers

that, from behind the scenes,

help us to row.

We seek a strong wind

for a life in constant

change, cleanly suturing

the wounds of life.


What an earth sown with doubts

we gather the fruits of the path

when young we fight

when old we surrender

to the light.

gen-mora gema moraleja paz

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