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Title: Exposed
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Paperback: 184 pages
Publisher: Changing Tides Publishing (March 6, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615139825
ISBN-13: 978-0615139821

About the Book

A gripping tale of what happens, when two souls collide and their worlds explode…

On occasion, if fate would have it, our paths cross with someone with whom we connect on a plane much higher than that of the average acquaintance. Something familiar and all-knowing sparks between the souls, as if reconnecting with the lost part of ourselves that completes us and makes us whole. The power of persuasion in conjunction with this force can be very provocative and somewhat destructive, as there is no rhyme or reason, only the truth of the feelings it provokes within us.

Shelby Tyler recently encountered just such a force and was completely ill-prepared for the devastating affects it would have on her life. From the moment Dalton Morrison entered her world, she felt a completeness of mind, body and spirit that she didn’t know was possible; as if the missing piece to her own puzzle had been found and carefully snapped into place.

Despite the contentment she found in him, she knew it couldn’t last, but still, in the deepest most secret recesses of her mind, she hoped that somehow the same fate that brought them together would intervene and keep them there. Unfortunately, once Dalton’s estranged and mentally unstable wife got wise to what was happening, things took a dark turn and all was lost.

To the outside world the Morrison’s had it all, but in secret they lived behind a façade, as tension and instability ruled their lives; leaving Dalton longing for something he could no longer find in his wife or within the confines of their stately seaside mansion.

Would the truth Dalton discovered in Shelby be enough to sustain him through the battle that lie ahead, or would he cling to the only thing he’s ever known and continue living the lie that had become his life?

The door to one world has been opened, as the other threatens to be closed forever; all he has to do is decide which one to walk through.

Once the truth is exposed, it can be a wondrous thing…or it can be deadly!


Jill Terry
Author ׀ Poet ׀ Wordsmith Extraordinaire
Official Author Site
Wordsmith Blog
Café Muse

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