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When I made the decision to dedicate more time to writing and to publish my work I began a new and unknown journey a lot of people will love to embarque on. But after writing the first book, written some articles, a lot of blog entries, press releases and other promotional materials I wondered what else I would write about.

I noticed that during my writing sprint to finish my first book it was the time in which more ideas came to mind. I have a few folders in my computer holding beginning chapters, plot ideas and articles I want to work on the future. The problem right now is not enough time to work on them.

One thing I noticed is that this dry time comes during the Winter, perhaps because it is the time when I spent the least time outdoors. Nature is what inspires my writing and spending my time in my office, which has no windows, is just killing my inspiration. I depend on photographs, art, and books to draw what I need to move forward during this time.

Spring is just around the corner and with it more activity in my garden. My herb garden needs to be attended to and that I’m sure will spark some creativity. By kneeling down on the fresh grass and digging my hands in the moist soil I get connected to nature once again. The smell of the fresh herbs and the slow watering of the newly planted ones will make me one with that which gives life.

Every writer is different; some of them draw inspiration from books, paintings, music, places, animals, scenary, emotion, personal experiences and the list goes on and on. Some are moved by tragedy when they need to somehow unload their feelings on paper and that eventually becomes a book.

I would love to know what book has inspired you in some way. And if you are a writer what inspires you to write.

Clary Lopez, author of Simplicity – Richness of Life


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2 responses to “Writer’s Inspiration

  1. También la naturaleza me sirve de inspiración cuando escribo, es mi tema preferido. Aunque considero que un escritor que se precie ha de estar preparado y capacitado para tratar temas variados y, a ser posible, con diferentes estilos. Es esta una experiencia que, planteada como un reto para el escritor, le ayuda y enriquece, al tiempo que sirve de ejercicio para explorar sus propias habilidades. En este sentido me gusta mucho el autor Knut Hamsun, premio Nobel de Literatura, que sabe describir el paisaje de su tierra de una manera inigualable.
    Saludos, Clary:


  2. Clary, what is that a photograph of? It’s absolutely breathtaking…nature is definately inspiring.

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