Looking for inspiration

Many new, young writers wonder where others find their inspiration. Unfortunately many new writers spend so much time focusing on story ideas that they miss the “muse” that can be right in front of them.

Some things to consider doing if you are feeling stuck in your writing or feel that you lack good ideas:

1. Get out: Go for a walk, run some simple errands, anything. You may be surprised at how productive this can be for your writing.

2. Read the paper: Find something within that sparks your creative juices. Reading helps to keep your mind active.

3. Write anyway: Write through it and you may find a few gems.

These are just some simple things that many artists learn right away and pass along.

No matter what you do, realize that all writers experience a lag every now and then. If you have the talent and take the time to hone the necessary skills, you will eventually find the right method that works for you.
Nancy O. Greene


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2 responses to “Looking for inspiration

  1. So true… It’s all about one thing… Persevere.

    And trust. If you trust in yourself and believe in what you are doing, luck will be on your side. In my view writing is all about the following: it’s not about being published. It’s about that you have created. Being published should be a bonus.

    If you see it like that and if you believe in yourself (and in what you have created), being published is just a matter of time… Because you have leared to persevere. And fight for what you believe in.

  2. Yes, perseverance is important too. When you know that what you want is what you should be doing, perseverance can make the difference.

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