Great Book Club Salutes The Book’s Den

During my regular checks of who have visited our blog, I found that the Great Book Club visited us, not only that but they made a great entry on their blog about The Book’s Den.

As you know we have been offering book clubs the opportunity to choose one of our books and invite the authors to either their opening or closing night. I believe that before too long more and more book clubs will take notice of our collective blog and will take us up on our offer to create their own Meet the Author Night.

You can read their entry here.

Clary Lopez, Moderator
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3 responses to “Great Book Club Salutes The Book’s Den

  1. Clary, YEAH!!! That’s wonderful and thank you for informing us of the Great Book Club’s interest in us and what we do. You ARE the ‘Master Moderator.’
    Linda Bergman-Althouse

  2. What a wonderful surprise. And what a creative and mutually beneficial way to use the power of the Internet. Where else might writers and readers mix so effortlessly – and each gain so much.

    Terrific work, Clary.

  3. Thank you guys, I hope all this exposure helps you to find your readers. It is our goal to connect with them and help them get the most of what they read. I believe this concept of “Meet the Author Night” will be something to be embrace by many Book Clubs around the country soon.

    Clary Lopez

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