Writers Conventions and Conferences

I promised I’d report on Left Coast Crime when I returned from Seattle. It was my first visit to Seattle and I was duly impressed. Wonderful city, steep hills, great restaurants and beautiful mountains and/or volcanoes.

As always, top notch mystery writers were in attendance and entertained us on their panels, while standing in line and in the elevators. I served on a panel about whether to use real or fictious settings. Mine are all fictitious though based on real places. Bear Creek in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series is really Springville, where I live, but moved up into the mountains 1000 feet. The small town in Wishing Makes It So is also based on Springville in the correct location. In my Rocky Bluff P.D. series, Rocky Bluff is located between Santa Barbara and Ventura like Carpenteria, but the geography is not quite the same.

My favorite sessions were the forensic ones set up by mystery writer, Jan Burke. She is actively promoting the Crime Lab Project. For more information go to: http://www.crimelabproject.com/help.html

I met some people who I’d formerly only known through lists that I’m on–always fun.

Writer and fan conventions are always fun. Next up for hubby and me is Epicon which is for electronic writers, being held this year in Virginia Beach, VA. Hubby and I lived in Little Creek VA eons ago. It’ll be fun to see the changes. In April, we’re attending the Public Safety Writers Association conference in Las Vegas NV. For more information, go to http://www.policewriter.com . May will find us headed to Mayhem in the Midlands in Omaha, NE. This one is for fans and writers of mysteries.

Writers conferences are held for writers to learn more about the craft, promotion and to meet publishers and agents. Experienced published writers go to share their expertise through workshops and presentations. However, no matter how experienced a writer may be, she/he will always come away from a conference inspired.

Mystery conventions are geared for the fans of mystery, the majority of the attendees being readers. Authors go to be on panels, to become known to the fans, and to sell books. Authors also have a great deal of fun at a mystery con.

When we started on our trip to Seattle and LCC, I discovered this on my Blackberry:

“The WOW January book selection is CALLING THE DEAD by Marilyn Meredith

One of our judges commented that it was like reading a book that J.A. Jance and Tony Hillerman co-authored.”

I also received my first two reviews for Fringe Benefits. Here’s a snippet from each:

“…F. M. Meredith keeps you guessing throughout the book. I am hoping that she will continue the Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery series. This is the third book in the series and my first so I have some catching up to do. Fringe Benefits is a fast, interesting read and I think the police officers in Rocky Bluff are typical of police officers everywhere with the same ambitions and stumbling blocks but I hope there aren’t too many Cal Sylvester’s out there.”

“If you are going to commit a murder, it can be helpful to be a cop. Officer Cal Sylvester’s affair with Darcy Butler, wife of a fellow policeman, is going into the deep freeze. Only money will rekindle the flame and Sylvester thinks he knows how to get it, by collecting his wife’s life insurance. Of course, there is one little detail that needs to be taken care of. Enter sixteen-year-old Adler “Patch” Costello, who runs away from home and right into trouble. In the meantime there is a dangerous rapist on the loose who strikes every Wednesday. The third of Meredith’s Rocky Bluff P. D. series. Lets hope there are many more.” 02/07 Jack Quick (Book Bitch Reviews)

And with that, I’ll sign off for this time. It’s been a good couple of weeks.


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