Book Club News – Meet the Author Night

Book Clubs are a great way to get into healthy book discussions. I’m a book addict and any time I can spend talking to a friend about a good book it’s a great time for me. You probably look forward to your meeting day with enthusiasm, but do you know what would make your book discussion even more interesting? Talking to the author!

Ever since I wrote the article Finding Your Next Book Selection I’ve been looking into different book club websites here, here and here. I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea of integrating the author into a book club meeting. It’s not that easy to do with big time authors, but here at The Book’s Den you can find authors who are willing to interact with their readers. If you select one of the books from our bookshelf, you can get in touch with the author and invite them for your opening or closing night.

Having a Meet the Author Night will be a great addition to your book club group activities. Who knows, the author might have some special promotion to share with you, would send the group a signed bookplate for your books or include your book review on his next book edition!

Clary Lopez, moderator

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